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The Large Hadron Collider is a very complex piece of technology. This is the “atom smasher” at the CERN center located in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s currently fired up to its maximum capacity. It’s highest energy levels ever to identify – or potentially generate – small black holes. If you aren’t familiar with what the Large Hadron Collider is, watch this video for a tour:

If this project is successful it is a very new to us universe is going to be exposed. This would modify our perception of reality in a huge way. Not only the physics but philosophy books too. 

It is even possible or probable that gravity from our own universe could “transfer” into a parallel universe? Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider say so. The experiment is creating more fear and doubt as alarmist critics of the LHC continue to speak up and question the legitimacy of a project such as this, many of these people initially forewarned that the high energy particle collider would start the top of our universe with the making a part of its own. Currently, Geneva stays intact and securely outside the event horizon.

There’s no doubt that the Large Hadron Collider has been a a big shift in research and focus. First researchers utilized this and proved the existence of the mysterious Higgs bosonh also called the “God particle” – which turned out to be a key building block of the cosmos – and it’s seemingly well relaying on the thanks to revealing ‘dark matter’ – which was a previously untraceable theoretical prospect that’s now believed to form up the foremost of matter within the universe. But next week’s experimentation is reflected and expected to be a game-changer. Mir Faizal, one of the physicists behind this experiment, shared: “Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two-dimensional objects [breadth and length] can exist during a dimension [height], parallel universes can even exist in higher dimensions.”

“We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes are produced at the Large Hadron Collider. Normally, when people consider the multiverse, they think about the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics, where every possibility is actualized. This can not be tested so it’s a philosophy and not science. this is often not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions. “As gravity can effuse of our universe into the additional dimensions, such a model may be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the Large Hadron Collider.”

“We have calculated the energy at which we expect to detect these mini black holes in ‘gravity’s rainbow’ [a new scientific theory].”

“If we do detect mini black holes at this energy, then we are going to know that both gravity’s rainbow and additional dimensions are correct.”

When the collider is fired up and running the energy is quite powerful. It is calculated in Tera electron volts – a TeV is 1,000,000,000,000, or one trillion, electron Volts. Up to now, the collider has sought for mini black holes at energy levels below 5.3 TeV. But the foremost recent study says this is often too low.

Instead, the new model forecasts that black holes may form at energy levels of no but 9.5 TeV in six dimensions and 11.9 TeV in 10 dimensions.

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Learn more about the Large Hadron Collider in this video:

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