After Nikola Tesla refused to further assist the Navy with their invisibility experiment, the project ended up terribly, and has been known ever since as the ‘Philadelphia Experiment.’

An intriguing theory has recently surfaced on the internet. According to several articles and book mentions written by Al Bielek and Preston Nichols, there’s a good chance that Nikola Tesla helped build an invisibility cloak used to camouflage the Navy’s vessels. After Tesla resigned however, the advanced technology couldn’t be contained, and it eventually degenerated in one of the biggest mysteries of World War II – ‘Project Rainbow.’

Also known as Project Rainbow, the experiment represented Navy’s attempt to render a ship invisible by creating an electromagnetic field around it. Although all they’ve wanted was to prevent radar detection and make the vessel immune to magnetic mines, the experiment took ‘otherworldly’ proportions.

At the beginning of the 1930’s, a research had been conducted by the University of Chicago in an attempt to create an invisible mantle generated by electricity. After substantial progress had been done towards achieving this goal, the project was transferred to Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Studies, and in 1936 received funding under the name of ‘Project Rainbow.’

At that time, Nikola Tesla was put in charge of the operation. He received all the means necessary for bringing this invisibility idea to life. For that, he required a navy battleship to conduct the experiments. The first live test was a success. In 1940, an entire ship belonging to the Navy vanished entirely due to the newly developed technology.

The main design involved two colossal Tesla coils (electromagnets) that were placed in front of the vessel and aback. When activated in a specific order, they would generate a strong electromagnetic shield around the ship that would slowly obscure it from view. The promising technology had mainly been developed by Tesla, but he later discovered that the forces involved were really unstable and hard to contain whenever the Tesla coils generated more power, so he began to have doubts about the safety of this experiment.

According to Al Bielek, Tesla had been in contact with higher-dimensional beings that offered him guidance, but also made him envision possible bad outcomes.

Tesla had a press announcement in 1923 where he stated that he was communicating with ET’s off planet. After he retired from RCA, he maintained a laboratory in his living quarters at the Hotel New Yorker. What is not known to most people is that he had a secondary laboratory which seemingly was his main one, located on top of the Waldorf Astoria on the top floor and both penthouse towers.”

Up there, he would often engage in long conversations with various individuals or possibly higher entities.


He kept a transmitter setup on the Waldorf, and his receiving setup, his receiving antennas and receivers which had been built by RCA under his direction, were on the New Yorker. And I know two people who said they were working with Tesla during that period, and he was using that equipment to speak with somebody, virtually every day, and one of them was emphatic: it was someone off the planet. In plain language, he was communicating with ETs.”

Tesla pointed out at the possible negative repercussions that ‘Project Rainbow’ would face if the experiment would be conducted with people on board. He knew that the electromagnetic field could impact the crew within this reality, and leave permanent marks. Because of this, he only accepted running more tests if the safety precautions demanded by him would be met. Unfortunately that didn’t happen because the Navy was under constant threat from the ongoing war and wanted to see immediate results.

Tesla couldn’t risk blaming himself for the loss of human lives in case the experiment went wrong, so he decided to sabotage the 1942 test carried out by the Navy by de-tuning the gear so that it didn’t generate the required amount of power to stabilize the invisibility shield. In March the same year Tesla resigned, and ‘Project Rainbow’ was exclusively administered by the Navy intelligence.


One year later, the USS Eldridge harbored in the Delaware Bay for the upcoming naval experiment. Without Tesla’s help, the project broke loose, and although invisibility had been obtained, the countless human lives that had been lost that day put an end to the controversial Project Rainbow, also known after the event as ‘The Philadelphia experiment.’

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