The increased number of sightings suggests the extraterrestrial presence on Earth is at an all-time high. But what if it’s not aliens piloting the UFOs, but rather something else?

People have been fascinated by extraterrestrial beings and UFOs for decades now, and for the sake of common ground, most people share the same outdated ideas about an alien’s actual look. So what’s the alternative for the classic big green head or perfectly round flying saucer? Many also associate UFOs to extraterrestrials, which isn’t necessarily the case.

Covert governing bodies

Many sociologists strongly believe there are a handful of people and secret society families that have been controlling the evolution and wealth of mankind for hundreds, if not thousands of years. These people hold entire markets, military corporations and banking systems in the palm of their hand, while practically transcending nationality.

They have the financial power to fund large scale research and technology, which they would, of course, use in their best interest. These strange and odd moving aircraft many people see and film across the globe may be results of such research. The vastly wealthy few could use advanced aircraft to travel anywhere on Earth in a matter of minutes, and who knows where else?!

Former Advanced civilizations (human or alien)

The past advanced and unknown civilizations that built structures that modern day knowledge and technology cannot even explain, let alone replicate, could’ve easily taken refuge if they wanted to (maybe the human population grew too fast, maybe they didn’t agree with how our society was evolving, or, some argue, involving).

If they were more advanced than us thousands of years ago, imagine what technology they could hold now. The Earth’s surface is mostly covered in water (more than 71%) so they could’ve easily built structures to live there permanently.

Another option they would have is to go underground, an action probably achievable by the human race too, if forced to do so. Along the years, many stories have surfaced of a race similar to our own that lives somewhere deep inside the earth, a handful of people even claim to have been granted limited access to this realm (like peeking through a fence).

These UFOs people keep seeing could easily be one of these civilizations traveling in and out of such realms that mankind hasn’t been able or hasn’t had any interest to explore. It would be quite easy, as living in such isolated cities wouldn’t raise unsolvable problems like overpopulation, religious unrest or poor wealth distribution.

Time or inter-dimensional travel

Our understanding of time is actually very relative and rather poor. If time is unlimited, then thousands or even millions of years are to the planets and galaxies like seconds are to us. Time defies forces. When you jump, you defy gravity for a second or two. Any idiot can do it, so imagine that to an advanced civilization, bending time for a couple thousand years would be like jumping is to Lebron James. The visitors could be men from the future or even another species that would take over as the dominant one on our planet.

Many scholars and scientists believe there’s at least one dimension other than the one we live in. In fact, there could easily be thousands more or their number could be infinite. These parallel realities could sometimes interact, without even knowing it.

As we see UFOs, in another dimension they could be seeing humans and wondering what they are. Anomalies could occur in any dimension if there are many.

So, after reading this, think back. Maybe you’ve encountered something like this before and didn’t even notice it. Many do, and don’t…