A peculiar sighting has been witnessed by the people of Canberra, Australia’s capital city. A massive ball of light lit up the surroundings while leaving the locals puzzled.

Recorded on January 3, the strange appearance caused a massive stir online, with people debating about its possible origins, and while some believe it was only a natural phenomenon, a ball of lightning or even global warming, others believe in a more controversial explanation – a UFO, or at least the trail left behind by one.

Experts claim that it’s lightning, but they will probably never admit the truth. From our point of view, the strange event is more than a natural phenomenon, even though the recent climate change has brought some extreme and unique phenomenon.

The luminous event was witnessed by many people, as a nearby kid is heard screaming at his mom to look in order to draw her attention.

What do you believe? Is this evidence of an alien craft? Or is it rather an extremely rare phenomenon known as a “ball lightning”? Share your thoughts below.

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