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The internet is full of mysteries, and earlier this year a channel advocating for disclosure posted a YouTube video that needs more attention. Titled “A very large “UFO” chevron or mothership lands on the dark side of the moon 2019,” it shows a large white object landing on the side of the moon that is often hidden from Earth’s view or that dark side of the moon.

There is no further explanation or source of the video, but what it highlights are the theories surrounding the dark side of the moon.

The video description states:

“Everybody knows that the Dark Side of the Moon has been a hotspot for UFO activity and alien bases for years now. “

“Some people even say that the United States and NASA were warned never to go to the dark side of the moon because of what was there, and if you ask me this video just provides more proof that there perhaps may be some kind of alien base on the Dark Side of the Moon after all…”

See the video for yourself:

What Is The Dark Side of The Moon?

The dark side of the moon has its name not because it is dark, but because it always faces away from Earth. It has a rough surface with many craters including one of the largest craters in our Solar System. The dark side of the moon remains mysterious because it is unseen from Earth. Its first photographs made by space probes come from 1959; and in January 2019, Chinese spacecraft was the first to make landing on that side.

The Mysteries of The Dark Side of The Moon

There are many theories surrounding the dark side of the moon.

First theory is that all moon landings were faked, including the recent one by China. Second theory is that the landing happened, but what was truly seen was hidden from the public.

Radio broadcaster and author Milton William Cooper claimed that Apollo astronauts saw UFOs on the dark side of the moon in 1968, but were silenced on the topic.

Third theory is that U.S. and Russia discovered an alien base during the Cold War. Both countries were considering testing nuclear weapons on the dark side of the moon at the time.

Speaking of alien bases, there have been photos of tunnels on the surface of the moon. NASA says they are made by lava. UFO enthusiasts say there may be more to it.

Finally, in 1970 two Russian scientists came up with a theory that moon is a hollow satellite create by an intelligent extraterrestrial race. The theory gained more supporters when multiple sources heard the moon ring like a metal bell (being hollow could be an explanation).

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