The appearance of strange lights on the Korean night sky has sparked fears of upcoming troubles. Are UFOs watching?

Over the past week or so, the peaceful night sky over the port city of Busan, South Korea  has seen some strange occurrences. Thousands of residents witnessed the exotic flashes of yellow columns of light and until now, a satisfying explanation has yet to surface.

The strange incidents have given rise to controversy, with some blaming UFOs for the unexplained illumination. Others believe the source of the lights is earthly, but not natural.

For three nights in a row, residents of the busy port of Busan have kept their eyes glued to the sky. Some admire the spectacle, while others recoil in fear at the prospect of witnessing some sort of prophetic apparitions.

Many have come to believe the weird lights are caused by UFOs and they believe the otherworldly visitors are expressing their interest in the escalating tensions between North and South Korea. There are UFO researchers who believe the increased alien presence is a clear indicator of things to come and their predictions sound anything but reassuring.

A different subset of UFO researchers suspect the strange lights are the aliens themselves, ethereal beings that have become so advanced they don’t even require transport ships to get here. Instead, the celestial and intangible nature of these beings made of energy allows them to travel between dimensions whenever they please.

Others suspect the origin of the light columns in the sky lies halfway around the world, buried deep under the Franco-Swiss border. We are talking about CERN, of course and their infamous Large Hadron Collider. The largest and most powerful machine of its kind, the LHC accelerates subatomic particles to nearly the speed of light before subjecting them to head-on collisions.

These highly-energetic experiments allow scientists to peak into the smallest, most profound aspects of particle physics but many fear they could also wreak havoc on our planet. Ever since researchers turned on the LHC there have been rumors about the accidental creation of a miniature black hole that could swallow our planet from the inside. Other conspiracy theorists have went as far as claiming such an accident could rip apart the very fabric of our universe, turning existence into non-existence.

strange lights korea

The same people are now saying the strange lights over Busan are a direct consequence of CERN scientists playing God.

A more ‘rational’ group have attempted to resolve this enigma by claiming the lights are the result of squid fishing boats. They say the boat lights are reflected by ice crystals in the sky but this theory quickly becomes invalid when you compare the lights below to the ones above.

While the boats all sway in different directions and so do the lights they are equipped with, the ones in the sky move in unison, as if they were coordinated by someone or something. The saying as above, so below has no application in this particular case.

Whatever the explanation for these strange lights might be, one thing is certain: the locals are anxious for an explanation and despite the increasing number of calls to local authorities, a satisfying answer has yet to arrive.