Samuel Riddell, 55, arrested and charged with several counts of endangerment and criminal mischief.(Richmond Police Department)

Officers responded to calls reporting gunshots, witnesses saying they saw a man shooting a pistol from his hotel window. 

Richmond Police say the man, Samuel Riddell, 55, was later arrested and that he had claimed to be ”shooting aliens he saw in the parking lot” of his hotel in the state of Kentucky.

A woman who was with Riddell in the hotel room had locked herself in the bathroom until police arrived on the scene to help her to safety.

Riddell was arrested for several counts of endangerment and criminal mischief.

Later in the investigation Detectives came to know that Riddell was a convicted felon who was in possession of two handguns and a semi-automatic rifle.

Luckily, there were no injuries during the shooting, according to Richmond police, but officers said that there were several bullets that had hit parked vehicles in the lot and one stray bullet went into another occupied hotel room.

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