What exactly are UFOs? This question, which has persisted for decades, may lack a straightforward answer. Descriptions of these enigmatic objects range from alien spacecraft to interdimensional vehicles, and they are linked to various unusual occurrences. Several whistleblowers have alleged that the U.S. government holds materials from UFOs recovered at crash sites, yet the specifics of these materials remain unknown.

UFO filmmaker Jeremy Corbell asserts: “UFOs are real, and we’re no closer to understanding what a UFO truly is, who operates them, where they are from, what their intent is, or what they represent to humankind. So when the public in general sees that on the news, it’s like, “Okay, yeah, we all kind of thought that because we’re seeing them. Thanks, government, but nothing’s really answered.”

On Steve-O’s podcast, Corbell explored various hypotheses concerning UAPs/UFO phenomena. He proposed that UFOs could be anything from interplanetary ships to terrestrial, non-terrestrial, or interdimensional entities. Introducing the concept of “extratemporal” to describe UFOs, Corbell indicated that many scientists on UFO-related projects suggest these vehicles might use gravitational propulsion, a yet-to-be-fully-understood technology. This technology could warp time and space, implying these vehicles could come from another era, thus the term “extratemporal.”

Corbell pointed out that the replication or reverse engineering of these alien technologies is hampered by our current scientific knowledge. He commented on the significant barriers to understanding UFOs, noting that our material science is insufficiently advanced to accurately replicate UFO materials and technology.

Transmedium Movements

“These craft can move; they call it transmedium. From space through air without a sonic boom, they can move at speed and into the sea without disturbance, without slowing down. That’s transmedium. So the idea of how do they do that with physics? Some people say, ‘Well, the craft’s skin, you know, it’s like hydrophobic; when you go in, it just slips in.’ But really what we’re seeing is objects that appear to move in ways that our physics understands; we just can’t replicate gravitational fields,” Corbell says.

He also speculated that UFOs might employ techniques like time travel or gravity manipulation to execute these extraordinary maneuvers. He suggested the possibility that controlling gravity could allow them to generate a type of force field around their craft, which would enable movements that defy our current understanding of physics.

Furthermore, Corbell discussed how UFOs transition from space to Earth’s atmosphere, and even underwater, seamlessly and silently, possibly due to their ability to manipulate gravity, which facilitates their smooth movement across different mediums.

Steve-O articulates his confusion about the separation between mechanical craft and biological entities within the UFO narrative, suggesting the line between conventional crafts and living organisms is vague. He hints that the crafts might incorporate biological components.

UFO’s Exterior Alive Like Skin

Corbell concurs with this viewpoint and references accounts from military personnel who have encountered UFOs up close, often highlighting a peculiar trait of the craft’s “skin.” These accounts describe the exterior of the craft as seemingly intelligent and animate. Corbell finds this intriguing, as it challenges the typical engineering perspective which views machines as inert. He proposes that the integration of biological elements within these UFOs might be so profound that they could be regarded as biological entities, yet they remain operational vehicles capable of transport.

According to Corbell, some UFOs seem to be controlled by what he describes as artificial intelligence, effectively functioning as autonomous drones. Others are said to transport beings, referred to as “biologics” or biological entities, although there is speculation that these beings might be cybernetic organisms equipped with synthetic tissue, operating as independent AI entities.

Israeli psychic Uri Geller, often criticized on social media for his eccentric postings, participated in covert CIA programs, utilizing his skills in “mind projection” for potential national security applications. A declassified CIA document sheds light on “Project Stargate,” which focused on remote viewing.

Geller played a significant role in CIA investigations into extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis. In one CIA experiment, isolated in a room, Geller was tasked to replicate a drawing made by someone in a different room. He successfully drew a square with diagonals. In 2017, the CIA disclosed about 12 million pages of documents, which included insights into Project Stargate.

Uri Geller’s Secret NASA Visit

One lesser-known anecdote from Uri Geller involves his collaboration with NASA. He first met Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and their acquaintance eventually blossomed into friendship. Mitchell then facilitated a meeting between Geller and the famed German-born American aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun.

Geller recounted that Kennedy had persuaded him to come to the US to utilize his psychic abilities. Accompanied by his brother-in-law Shipi Shtrang, Geller made a visit to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. There, he entrusted Shtrang with his covert spy camera, which was later used to capture images of Geller with Mitchell, von Braun, and others.

Geller was astounded by what he saw at the Space Flight Center, claiming to have been shown evidence of extraterrestrial life. During a key meeting, von Braun expressed skepticism about Geller’s abilities. “He said he heard about my powers and told me that if he took his wedding ring off his finger and put it in the palm of his hand and I’d be able to bend it while it’s there, he’d believe me,” Geller recounted. “And I did – completely.”

Subsequently, Geller was presented with an unusual piece of metal in Von Braun’s office. “It was metallic, smooth, pearl-like, with rainbow reflective ‘skin.’ When I held it I sensed vibrations. It felt like it was breathing… as if it was alive. Von Braun said I was right – and that it was from a crashed UFO,” he detailed. The origin of this metal remained a mystery to him. “UFOs/UAPS are not just nuts and bolt craft,” Geller posts on X (formerly Twitter).

In a 2021 episode of the Theories of Everything (TOE) podcast with Curt Jaimungal, former AATIP head Luis Elizondo subtly suggested that the U.S. government might possess extraterrestrial biological samples. He hinted at government-held images of UAPs possibly showing entities within them.

Curt inquired, “Have there potentially been biological samples recovered?” to which Elizondo responded: “Yes. I’m not going to expound on that… and be careful when I say that. I’m being purposely very open and vague at the same time, right? What does that mean? Well, it means what it means.”

U.S. Possession of Non-Human Biologics

Furthermore, regarding photos showing beings inside “craft,” Elizondo remarked: “There are some very compelling photos out there that seem to show something inside, some sort of occupancy, And I’ll leave it at that, because it gets really murky, much beyond that.

And there’s a lot that can be speculated. And so I try to avoid speculation as much as possible. But yes, I’ve spoken to enough people with firsthand knowledge that not only report the crafts that we know exists, but potentially some sort of intelligence inside these vehicles.”

Why is this subject not a global talking point? Is it possible that most people are ignoring this news, despite being aware of it? When will the overwhelming evidence of this reality become impossible to ignore?

David Grusch, a former intelligence officer, also confirmed in the July 2023 UAP hearings that the U.S. has collected non-human “biologics” from purported crash sites. This supports the assertions made by Corbell and Geller about the craft’s skin or its occupants showing signs of life and intelligence.