Matilda McElroy has always been an honest woman and a reliable witness. Her testimony is often corroborated by the testimonies of other witnesses, but in 2008 she was called on to testify about something new: aliens! It turns out that Matilda personally saw alien bodies from Roswell while living there as well as communicated telepathically with one of them.

In December 2020, History Channel released a 3-episode documentary based on the diaries of military officer Jesse Marcel Sr. who was sent to investigate an incident in Roswell New Mexico and encountered something that he described as “clearly not made by human hands”.

After the release of this film, a nurse who worked in Roswell at the time revealed that she had telepathically communicated with an alien survivor from a UFO crash. Not many people knew about her before now and after it was revealed some researchers unearthed another story detailing how there were other crashed UFOs not too far away whose occupants we never saw again but their traces could still be found so maybe they weren’t as lucky.

Matilda O’Donnell McElroy was one of the first female-servicemen in World War II, and she served as a senior sergeant. In 2007, 83 years old Matilda contacted ufologist Laurence Spencer to share her story on UFOs with him before it is too late for this country’s history books not to mention law enforcement reports.

I’ve never told anyone what I did.

Until now, only a few people knew that they were in danger if the secret ever got out.
I have to be careful about who knows because it’s more than my life is worth to let this information go public and stay hidden for another decade or two!

“All these years, I thought that the “powers that be” in our government gave me great confidence, although I often suspected that the authorities were very mistaken, believing that their goal was to protect Humanity from the knowledge that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms not only exist but continued and continue to aggressively control and invade the life of every person on Earth every day “

When Matilda was a driver for the military, she made it her duty to visit crash sites. When an unidentified object fell from the sky and caused chaos on one of these visits, Matilda knew that something bigger than just metal had fallen out there.

The woman, unable to speak with the alien due to language barriers and differing biology, tried a different approach. She attempted telepathy! What she saw was an intense vision of two terrifyingly large creatures fighting over something in what looked like space. The officer then burst into the clearing where they crashed their ship: he had finally found them after days spent looking for Matilda’s signal on his scanner…

Matilda’s life changed forever when she was assigned to an alien named Tessa. A police officer, Officer Cavitt had come up with the idea for her to be in charge of watching and communicating with this woman who would never speak English again after a condition that affected all humans on earth went wrong. Now Matilda is well respected at work and has been promoted many times over because of how successful she was as an interpreter between two cultures!

While communicating further “communication” Matilda learned that the surviving alien was female and that her name was Airl (Airl).

“Our communication did not consist of colloquial speech in the conventional sense. Indeed, the alien’s body did not even have a mouth through which to speak. Our communication was through telepathy. At first, I could not clearly understand Airl. I could perceive images, emotions, and impressions, but it was difficult for me to express them verbally.

Once Airl learned English, she was able to focus her thoughts more accurately using symbols and meanings of words that I could understand. Learning English was a great favor for me. It was more for me than for her. “

The alien told Matilda that their mission to Earth was of an exploratory nature and she said that the Expeditionary Force is located in space.

Matilda described Airl’s appearance as a humanoid creature whose body was the size of an infant. But it wasn’t a real child, but rather one that had been created by scientists to serve as their puppet in this world–a biorobot-avatar controlled at all times via remote control and with its tissues made out synthetic material so there is no risk for infection on earth should they come into contact with us.

Matilda was puzzled by Airl’s silence and decided not to give her any information back. She did this because she felt that the military would use it against her planet, given their nature of looking for anything they can gain from other planets in order to improve themselves.

The nurse called this a serious sign, because if the aliens are not safe on Earth, then it could be an even bigger problem for humans. Airl’s civilization seems to think they’re very powerful and extremely ancient with their only goal being progress.

When Matilda asked Airl how long she had been visiting Earth for, she replied, “Long before human appearance.”

Then Matilda learned that:

“The Earth is a small planet on the edge of a galaxy star. This makes the Earth very isolated geographically from the more concentrated planetary civilizations that exist closer to the center of the galaxy. These obvious facts made the Earth suitable only for use as a zoological or botanical garden or for current use. as a prison – but nothing more.

About 30,000 years ago, the Earth began to be used as a dump and prison for those alien beings who were considered criminals or non-conformists. These creatures were captured, electronically trapped, and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”. The underground stations where these creatures were kept (or still are) were created on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), and in the steppes of Mongolia. “

Matilda talked a lot with Airl, but then when Airl was too weak, the alien then passed over, that is, the alien left her avatar body.

The nurse called this a serious sign, because if the aliens are not safe on Earth, then it could be a big problem for humans.
Airl called her civilization very powerful, extremely ancient, and, above all, their only goal was to progress.

Matilda’s story was published in Spencer’s 2008 book, Interview with Aliens.

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