Numerous theories circulate about the existence of alien species throughout the universe, with claims of sightings and encounters from UFO enthusiasts, individuals who have experienced abductions, and even respected figures. Among these voices, Alex Collier stands out for his detailed accounts of encounters with entities from Andromeda. In his interviews, he shares extensive insights on the impact various extraterrestrial races have had on humanity.

Collier is often regarded by prominent UFO researchers as a legitimate source, particularly for his efforts to comprehensively share the knowledge he has garnered from his interactions with the Andromedans. His extraterrestrial encounters began in his early years and continued into his adolescence. Following a hiatus that spanned several years, during which he served as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army, his contact with the Andromedans restarted in 1985.

His narratives include meetings with two Andromedans, Vissaeus and Moranay, who acted as his guides and introduced him to their advanced spacecraft, including a vast mother ship. Over a period of three months, they imparted to him their wisdom on cosmic spirituality, the broader narrative of life across the universe, and the specific intergalactic history of Earth.

The Andromedans are described by Collier as “one of the thousands of extraterrestrial races in existence,” with characteristics that include a humanoid appearance and, in some cases, bluish skin, standing over 2 meters in height. In his work “Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium,” Collier posits that the genesis of all human-like species traces back to the Lyra Constellation. A devastating conflict there led to the destruction of their stellar systems, dispersing humanity across the galaxy in search of survival.

Collier claimed that humans are a composite of 22 different ET races that arrived on Earth at different times

Collier attributes the variance in skin pigmentation among different species to diverse DNA and the influence of distinct stellar environments. He highlights the Andromeda Beings as among the most ancient civilizations within the Andromeda constellation.

Additionally, he conveyed that the physical inception of our Universe was some 21 billion years ago. In his words, Collier suggested, “If this is the true nature of what our Universe is and how it works then we must come to realize that there is more to us also since we are connected to this process as well, on most levels if not all of them.” He was informed that our basic understanding of the Big Bang theory aligns with reality in its simplicity, affirming that concepts of creation and evolution are on the right track. Thus, while current scientific perspectives are valid, they remain fundamentally incomplete.

Regardless of its position within the constellation, this civilization operates under a unified government and is spiritually advanced by 4,700 years and technologically by 5,000 years compared to us. They achieve a harmony between their spiritual and technological advancements, utilizing technology to foster spiritual growth.

This concept is linked to the existence of multiple dimensional levels. We currently reside in the Third dimension and have yet to ascend to the Fourth or even the Fifth dimension. The transition from the Third to the Fourth dimension is characterized by a shift in consciousness.

In the Fourth dimension, a collective consciousness emerges as everyone possesses telepathic abilities, allowing for the reading of minds across the community. This transparency fosters authenticity and eliminates hidden agendas. Entry into this dimension also grants clairvoyance, making visible the energy systems and fields that exist.

Despite this, dualities persist, and the approach to judgment adapts, with decisions being influenced by the visible energy fields. The Andromedan beings have evolved beyond the societal manipulations experienced on Earth, having developed telepathic and clairvoyant abilities through their comprehensive study of all sciences.

These beings possess a profound self-awareness, including knowledge of their past lives, and understand their evolutionary path in the afterlife.

Collier has shared through various interviews that Earth is under the influence of “regressive” extraterrestrial forces from Alpha Draconis. He outlines two predominant philosophical divides among humans: one promoting love and free will, and the other domination and consumption. He attributes humanity’s lag behind the Andromedans to manipulations of our DNA, tracing significant interventions back 5,700 years, with origins around 14,000 years ago when beings from Orion began altering our genetic makeup.

In one of his final public talks in 2002, Collier introduced the concept of the “Founders,” an ancient alien race responsible for terraforming planets for habitation, believed by the Andromedans and the Pleiadians to be known as the “Paa Tal.”

He also mentioned these ancient beings’ capability to reposition moons to adjust a planet’s distance from its sun, affecting radiation levels. The Andromedans, he noted, could even construct solar systems.

Collier remarks on the Andromedans’ technological advancement, spanning 4,300 to 4,500 years beyond our own, noting their different perception of time, where one year is marked by the complete cellular regeneration over approximately 34 years.

He asserts humanity is a composite of 22 extraterrestrial races and claims about 135 billion people inhabit planets in the eight nearest galaxies to ours. During one of his visits, the local inhabitants were alarmed at the sight of an Earthling, reflective of Earth’s poor reputation for enslavement and intra-species violence.

The Pleiadians, who also originated from Lyra, developed potent weaponry crucial for their survival through the Orion Wars. These beings, regarded as our distant relatives and ancestors to some human races, arrived from Lyra in space arks. Their extensive exploration led to the colonization of Earth and further settlement in the Pleiades and other star systems amidst the Orion conflicts.

Identified as our distant first cousins, the Pleiadians have observed Earth for over 79,743 years, forming significant settlements over time. Despite our shared lineage, they are more advanced emotionally and spiritually, having navigated their own developmental challenges.

Their continued interest in Earth stems from efforts to impart their knowledge, aiming to avert our potential self-destruction—a message not sufficiently heeded. The Pleiades star cluster, located in Taurus, comprises 254 stars and numerous planets, predominantly younger stars. Linguistic and scriptural similarities between Earth and the Pleiades suggest a shared heritage dating back approximately 11,157 years.

Taygeta stands out among their star systems for its advancement, with Taro circling Alcyone. The Pleiadians, mirroring humans in appearance and intellectual pursuits, exhibit a longer lifespan due to their technology, which enables faster-than-light travel.

Their concerns for our planet focus on the misuse of science and the erosion of spiritual balance, equating politics and religion in their detrimental effects. As benevolent extraterrestrial races continue to visit, there’s a growing apprehension that we might cause our own extinction.

The root of all Earth languages is believed to be an ancient Pre-Sumerian language known as Tamil, with origins in Lyra and the Pleiades. Although the Pleiadians have left descendants on Earth and are willing to assist, they emphasize the importance of us rectifying our own errors and determining our destiny without expecting them to assume responsibility for our evolution.