In a single week, two beautiful crop circles were reported near Devizes. The first formation was at Roundway Hill and it only took two days for them to make their second appearance with an identical design just downwind from where they had been before! This time around though, rather than being harvested by the farmer who owns the field, he allowed someone else to take his crop in exchange for free usage of land. This gentleman allows everyone equal access when harvesting these designs so that all may enjoy them without fear or preference towards any one person’s version over another’s.

The one at Roundway Hill, which was reported on the 23rd of July, is in the design of what Melatonin looks like in its purest form. Melatonin is responsible for regulating the circadian rhythms and nighttime waking patterns. It was reported that one of these molecules found in Roundway Hill resembled its function as an amino acid neurotransmitter with similar structures observed within brain cells during REM cycles.

The second crop circle image depicts a secretion by the well known Pineal gland, and it might have something to do with physical changes happening now!

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