There are countless mysteries on Earth waiting to be unveiled or explained. Each of these enigmas add important pieces to the overall puzzle of humanity’s ancient history, even when modern science fails to fully explain them.

A simple mystery can change someone’s point of view about some things linked to that mystery, even when no conclusive answers are provided about it.

It’s likely that sometimes, unexplained discoveries offer more answers than questions. Take for example the case of the largest stone ever carved by human hands – the monolith at Baalbek in Lebanon, weighing over 1,650 tons and made of a single stone block.

While researchers are still trying to figure out how the ancient people achieved this, considering the lack of knowledge and tools at that point in time, others perceive it as a clear sign of an ancient and advanced civilization, or even a huge landing platform for extraterrestrials.

So instead of waiting a lifetime for an official answer that may sooner or later be replaced by another explanation, people like to speculate by filtering the available data through their own judgement mechanism.

A more recent example of an unsolved mystery that may reveal important clues about our ancient history and extraterrestrial activity in our solar system comes from Earth’s natural satellite – the mighty moon.

With the help of Google Moon, MexicoGeek of Youtube stumbled upon a bizarre structure rising tall from the surface of the Moon. The colossal tower is located between Rupes Liebig crater and Rimae Marsenius crater and is estimated to stretch more than 3 miles from ground level.


It appears to be coming out from the center of a crater, but closer analysis reveal a more peculiar perspective – a massive, perfectly round base from which the spiral is rising. After furtherly zooming in, small bright dots can be observed, and they are similar to what astronauts see from the ISS when looking at an earthly city during the night.

Could this be an artificial lunar base built by intelligent beings other than humans? Well, according to some UFO analysts, the structure is likely to have an artificial nature as it strongly resembles the city lights. There is also a strong likeliness between this and the mysterious lights surprised on dwarf planet Ceres (also emanating from a crater). Is this a mere coincidence, or is it more than meets the eye?


According to other theories, the lunar tower might be the mythological Tower of Babel described in the Old Testament. According to the story, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east, came to Babylon where they mutually agreed to build a city and tower. Seeing this, God confounded their speech so that they could no longer understand each other and scattered them around the world. 

The renowned UFO researcher Scott C. Waring supports the Tower of Babel hypothesis along with the other possibility of the lunar spire being designed by extraterrestrials or an ancient group of humans that migrated to other planets in the distant past when Earth was hit by impending cataclysms. He also discovered that in 1967, NASA’ Lunar Orbiter 3 beamed some curious pictures presumably showing the exact same tower.


Is this an artificial structure after all? If so, could it be the legendary Tower of Babel, a secret base or city on the Moon? Or is it rather an alien beacon that’s gathering information about humans? Whatever the case, we can only speculate, but since the coordinates are open-source and confirmed, anyone interested can see the lunar anomaly and discuss on this matter: 22°27’28.22″S / 45°58’51.44″W.