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Records depicting reptilian gods are scattered all around the globe, with most cultures worshiping these curious beings in return for the knowledge offered when they descended on Earth.

Considered the cradle of civilization by the Western world, the area of ancient Mesopotamia and modern-day Iraq preserved some of the most mysterious writings and petroglyphs ever discovered. They speak of godly race that ruled over ancient Sumerian people around 3,500 BC and were particularly advanced in their way of living and achieving things.

According to the uncovered records, the godly overlords were humanoid creatures of extraterrestrial origin who came from the sky in their enchanted crafts. Several clay tablets unearthed from this area, describe how these “gods” had to do all the hard labor on their own when they first established an outpost on Earth.

It wasn’t long until this extraterrestrial society decided to create lower beings who would work in their stead, so they genetically combined features of their own DNA with that of the “ape man”, thus creating the first Homo sapiens.


At first, these gods were very satisfied with the achieved results. They now had a lesser species doing all the manual labor such as farming, excavation, building and of course, mining. However, the newly designed race of slaves found no pleasure in this ruthless, constant work because they were forced into it and were considerably mistreated.

Because these beings suffered greatly under the rule of the masters, the idea of freedom sparkled in their hearts and fortunately they were not the only ones desiring this. As the Sumerian tablets reveal, a group of these godly creatures formed an alliance in order to free the Homo sapiens and offered them scientific and spiritual knowledge so that they could ascend to a God-like status more fit for their nature.

The name of the extraterrestrial leader of the rebellion was engraved on the Sumerian tablets – he was known as Enlil or EA. He was the genetic engineer who designed the Homo sapiens and from a former subjugator scientist, he became a liberal fighter. Other engravings reveal that EA’s center of operations was located in a swamp-like area named “Snake Marsh” because of the many reptiles (particularly snakes) who had their DEN there.


When the uprising begun, the first battles were fought on EA’s headquarters, also referred to as EA-DEN. It’s interesting to notice that, according to Biblical writings, a snake or “reptilian” seduced Eve, the first female caretaker of the garden from Adam’s grasp while also offering them knowledge in the previous mentioned garden of E-DEN.

As a result of his disobedience, the reptilian engineer and his alien followers were sent in exile underground, inside the vast cavernous labyrinth underneath the earth. As a complementary punishment, the overlords forbade the rebellious reptilian from meddling with humans again and so their generations will come to know each other, but will also come to hate each other. Along with the burdening punishment, the name of the reptilian was changed from “Lucifer” – meaning “the bringer of light and knowledge” to “Satan” or “adversary”.