When humans first set foot on the Moon, a new age dawned upon us. We were no longer limited by our planet and at the same time, everything felt so small compared to the scale of the universe. But there are many who believe the moon landing never happened.

So, has our species really made it to the Moon, or could this be a hoax of lunar proportions? Both theories have gathered numerous supporters. On one side, there are hundreds of hours of footage proving the Apollo flights were real, while on the other, conspiracy theorists have brought different arguments showing the landing might had been staged. But what if both theories are correct? And, could the lunar surface hide more than just rocks and craters?

Discovering pre-existing moon structures would be a good reason not to reveal their existence to the general public. If an official report admitted that such buildings were found on the Moon, then our faith would probably take a twisted turn, and we don’t want such brisk change, don’t we?

Those who claim the Moon landings were faked in a studio believe there is little authentic color footage from the missions. Although NASA recently made public high-resolution photos from the Apollo missions, skeptics still stick to their part of the story since the anomalous designs found on the Moon are nowhere to be found in official photos nor videos.

Many photos are altered, edited or blurred in order to hide crucial information. Likewise, the famous case of the Apollo 11 missing tapes does little to calm the storm of criticism. An investigation conducted approximately 20 years ago found that NASA had erased and reused the tapes containing the raw, unprocessed Apollo 11 video signal.

Although the lunar mission audio log had been heavily altered, it still reveals an intriguing piece of dialogue which occurs near the end of the first extravehicular action of the Apollo 17 mission, the last official mission to Earth;s natural satellite. While returning to the Lunar module, astronaut Eugen Ceman witnessed something incredible that can be interpreted from his dialogue and not only:

 Hey, what are those things going over? What is that, Jack? Hey! Something just hit here!


The image above shows one of the most famous photos, taken in the Taurus-Littrow Valley, during Apollo 17. It’s called the Geophone rock and it strongly resembles a pyramid.

For 30 years, NASA classified the image as a blank frame from the Apollo 17 film magazine 136-Hotel. NASA made no mention of this image and did not include it in the online Apollo Image Atlas. After applying noise reduction and increasing contrast, here’s what the image looks like:


So, could this shadowy pyramid be a lens flare or some other inexplicable space phenomenon, or is it part of a more complex alien overview? Note that this image is only one from a long string of anomalous pictures originating from the Moon.


Another controversial subject is the Apollo 17 mission insignia. It was designed by concept artist Robert McCall and it represents the Greek god Apollo encrusted inside a drawing of an American eagle.


However, what most people don’t know is that before it reached this final design, two others sketches were submitted by Apollo 17 Lunar module pilot Harrison H. Schmitt, but their explicit and symbolic imagery forced NASA to pick another design.


UFOlogists consider the crew of Apollo 17 knew about the existence of foreign structures on the lunar surface, and it’s also a known fact that numerous astronauts believe in intelligent life forms. Do they know more than they’re letting us know, or is this just a conspiracy theory?

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