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Russia has been the home of several high profile UFO sightings over the years, as well as many unexplained phenomena in the skies above the country, which has more land mass than any other country, about 6.6 million miles.

Some of the biggest UFO related events over the years have happened in January 1986 (the Height 611 Incident), 1989 (the Voronezh UFO Incident), and in early 2012 when a titanium object described as a “UFO fragment” was retrieved from a forest in the vicinity of Otradnenskoye, a rural locality in the country, after strange sounds were heard there in December 2011.

The smooth, silvery fragment, attached to a rounded section, was not deemed to be related to space technology, but theories abound.

These are just a few of the high profile incidents that have happened in Russia over the years, but the latest happening in the country is perhaps even more mind-blowing than anything ever seen —  the incident has become a social media sensation, with very little coverage in the United States or other havens for UFO enthusiasts across the world whose imagination has been captivated by one of the most harrowing sightings in recent memory.

20+ Foot Tall Alien Beings Sighted After Leaving UFO in Russia

Around 4 a.m. in the city, local police were alerted to the sighting of a strange ship near their houses, inside of which contained a frightful surprise according to witnesses — several giant aliens standing approximately 23 feet tall descended from the craft, wearing some type of high-tech silver suits (source).

Police began to conduct a thorough investigation, during which witnesses began to show them where the ship had allegedly landed. All witnesses were said to be in good health according to the police who arrived on the scene, showing no signs of ingesting alcohol or any other illicit substances.

The police did not find any sort of physical evidence according to the report, however. The website NewsIntact.com is describing it as a potential cover-up, which added that both local and national newspapers requested to authorities higher up in the government chain of command that a more comprehensive investigation should be conducted.

It has been alleged that the authorities were given materials for investigation, which is why they were unavailable at the scene of the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, news of the sightings has spread like wildfire across social media in the “Land of Rus,” while news of the sighting is still circulating in the U.S. alternative media.

Are Massive Aliens Taunting Russian Residents with Highly Advanced Technology?

Sightings of UFOs are nothing new in this particular area, as demonstrated by another sighting in recent years.

Far prior to the sighting of the alleged 23-foot-tall alien inhabitants this, a bizarre sighting involving the formation of unexplained red dots in the area uploaded to Instagram in May 2015.

This sighting solidified the Krasnodar area in Russia as a UFO hot-spot, and even led to one UFO expert raising the possibility that Russia could be developing super secret high-tech weapons, according to a report from the Daily Star.

During the 2015 sighting, witness recorded a “terrifying moment” where the Earth’s moon appeared to shrink, whizz through the night sky and then disappear completely.

One website, UFO Sightings Daily, said that they believed the UFO tried to make itself seem as if it were the moon, in order to confuse witnesses looking up into the night’s sky and to flaunt their superior technology.

“Smart trick on their behalf, but smarter people are catching on to alien tricks,” the site wrote, according to the Star.

The question now is whether or not the sightings will continue, and whether or not these types of aliens will ever be seen again.

One thing is for sure, sightings of large beings have been reported throughout history, ranging from hostile reptilian masters and praying mantis type creatures aboard alien ships to the nepihilim —  a race of biblical giants that may provide clues as to the fact that the Earth and the creatures that dwell within, above and underneath it are far different than we ever imagined.

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