The Jerusalem UFO incident occupies the front seat when it comes to otherworldly technology. In other words, this could be one of the greatest UFO show-offs, or just a smoke and mirrors act.

The holy city of Jerusalem, a place rich in history that’s not lacking miracles of all sorts. Most of you might be familiar with what is happening each year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. On the “Great Saturday”, the Holy Light illuminates the hall, together with tens of thousands of candles held by the ever-faithful Orthodox parishioners. The blueish light allegedly ignites by itself, and above all, it doesn’t burn when touched. A great miracle indeed, but awhile back, another hierophany managed to stir up the entire religious community, and UFO enthusiasts alike.

On January 28, 2011, a luminous UFO performed a couple of tricks on top of an Islamic shrine known as the Dome of the Rock, before disappearing in the most dazzling way.

After hovering above Jerusalem for a brief moment, the mysterious object lowered itself with haste until near the dome of the shrine. It stood there for a few seconds and afterwards swept towards the sky with extreme haste, thus revealing technological capabilities that are far beyond our reach for the time being. A brisk wave of light comes out of the UFO before departing.

The incident was caught on camera by several people, and it caused a flood of concern in the ranks of Christians. The media referred to this as one of the best evidence of UFO activity there is, but soon after came the skeptics who tried to calm the spirits by debunking this unique incident using futile allegations.

I’ll highlight some of them so that everyone can draw their own conclusions on this:

1. First reason was that those who made the video public decided to remain anonymous. The argument thrown into the media at that time was that, if someone recorded an authentic vid of such liking, he must sell his story to the corporate news, and eventually make a name for him/her-self for capturing the first real evidence of UFOs.

In my acceptance as a UFO analyst, this is completely wrong. The mainstream news don’t give a dime about revealing the truth to the world, they only care about rating. In fact, there are so many breathtaking UFO vids captured throughout every single year that fail to make it into the news, that people stop caring to report such acts because of the fear of being misjudged.

As proof of this stands one of the sightings that had been reported to us a few months ago. It happened near Washington, lasted for a couple of hours, and the man who filmed it had his entire life turned upside down. Although this incident is more than spectacular and rich in evidence, no news outlet cared to share a single picture of what our good man saw that night. Have a glance at it and judge for yourself.

2. The UFO doesn’t seem to reflect any light from the gold-plated dome below. How is this for an explanation aimed at debunking this sighting as fake? When we look at the tremendous speed at which the UFO lifts, it makes sense (at least for myself), that whoever designed that spaceship had some really advanced notions when it comes to aerodynamic and propulsion engines, so it’s only logical to assume that alien technology can take care of reflections. On top of that, it’s hard, if not impossible, to spot a reflection over of a golden surface during the night and through the lens of a an underperforming phone.

3. Moving forward, a third explanation put into perspective was the size of the alleged craft. According to skeptics, a UFO this small would be unable to cross the vastness and harshness of space, to eventually make it on the Earth. Adding up to the mystery and at the same time the authenticity of the video, a woman is heard in one of the recordings saying that the peculiar light was so bright that you can almost hardly look at it.”

In my acceptance, the alien/UFO topic is still taboo, and most people would rather not risk being called lunatics of frauds for a thing they have recorded with the only intent and good will to make it public so that the world may see compelling evidence of UFOs on our planet.

Could this be indeed a terrific forgery? Or rather one of the best recordings we have of UFO activity on our planet? Share your thoughts on this.