On February 1, 2016, a mysterious sighting lit up the night sky over Wisconsin, and fortunately for us, there was a rooftop camera at the Space Science & Engineering Center in Madison that captured the formidable moment.

A bizarre light was seen dashing through the sky for a brief moment over the city of Madison, Wisconsin. It came from the sky and quickly darted towards east, and judging by the distance, it ended up in the great Lake Michigan. Could this be an actual meteorite? Or is it more than that?

Well, considering its dazzling speed and luminosity, it could be a shooting star, but at the same time it leaves room for other speculation since it’s missing a few other important traits like a luminous tail and bigger brightness that would certainly make it a meteorite. Take for example this wondering rock which lit up over Thailand in the past year.

So what can this mysterious sighting be if it doesn’t fit completely as a meteorite? Can it pass as a UFO because of its oval shape? Well, according to the renowned UFOlogist Scott C. Waring from ufosightingsdaily.com, this appearance can be an authentic UFO. He believes that Lake Michigan is harboring an underwater ET base because of the vast amount of unexplored depths, but also because of the numerous sightings seen in the vicinity of the lake each year.

According to him, the rapid light was headed east, which is exactly where the lake is located. Apart from this, there was no tail nor other lights coming out of it as it disintegrated. Waring reported on his site that:

This UFO was caught shooting down from our atmosphere and entering Lake Michigan. The Great Lake is notorious for its UFO sightings, especially night catches. This UFO tries to make itself look like a comet or meteor, but it has no long tail like meteors always do. Also there are no fragment parts. This UFO did disappear over Lake Michgan, it is due east of Madison, and this live cam stationed at the university is looking towards East.


Hundreds of videos can be found on Youtube with glowing objects in the day and night over Lake Michigan. There is an alien base below the lake, not on the lakebed, but several kilometers below that surface level. This UFO reinforces the evidence of that base existing.

Although this might sound a bit extreme, the possibility should not be excluded because the flying object cannot clearly be classified as a meteorite because of the missing features. So is it likely that an underground base resides under the lake?

Are the other sightings somehow linked to each other, or is it rather a long string of coincidences? Whatever the case, the spectacular sighting presents further proof of sky anomalies and it remains unexplained since it doesn’t fully resemble any type of identified phenomenon.

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