The recent event from China reveals how three cars are lifted up in the air by an invisible force, and just when people thought it was but a forgery, the Chinese government stepped in to give a plausible reason for this bizarre happening. So why would the officials get involved into this matter if it wasn’t the real deal?

At a closer analysis of the video, it seems that there is more to it than meets the eye, and it’s likely that the Chinese government got involved in order to cover-up a possible alien encounter here on Earth. Yes, you heard this well – an actual ALIEN encounter, and while the media closed this case by taking the official explanation for granted, it remains our duty to point out to this other hypothesis.

To recap, the following video shows how three cars are uplifted one by one for an unknown reason. After the footage got viral, the Chinese government felt the need to offer a reason for all this, so they tied wires below a car, therefor claiming that a cable entanglement caused all the mess, but can they be trusted? From what we know, investing time in a matter is not done without an actual reason, and when we think about the government… it must be something really important. So, instead of letting the case slowly slip away, the authorities decided to cover it up in order to hide a totally different explanation that can clearly be observed by anyone watching the video carefully.

[youtube id=”aJwLKDu2Pj8″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” thumbnail=”Alein on a Rampage” grow=”no”]

How can a wire lift three cars up, one by one, if many others drove through the same spot only a few moments ago and nothing happened? Another interesting thing to note is the lifting force which manifests with gradual intensity, so it has a bigger impact on the first vehicle than the other two. Now, can this be caused indeed by a tangled wire?

When viewing such a shocking video, it’s hard to focus on all the details, not to mention that your attention is drawn by the circled cars, but if you look on the left side of the crosswalk, you’ll notice the most bizarre thing.

Just when the lights turned green for crossing, a man suddenly appears from the back, and it’s possible that what happens next is because of his actions. Look carefully how the man appearing from the back stretches his arm just before the accident occurs. His arm is pointed right at the cars, and that’s not all. (Starting from 0:06 to 0:08 in the video)


While the other two people waiting to cross the street are panicked and scatter in fear away from that area, the mysterious man starts walking on the crosswalk like nothing happened. Could he be the real reason for what happened here?


While this hypothesis might sound a bit extreme, but the fact that the government got involved and felt the need to offer an explanation raises some question marks. Why not let people believe what they want? Why try to offer reason when most of the people are skeptics when it comes to things like this?

Once again, it might sound strange, but it’s possible that an alien being possessing a human form was the actual cause of this peculiar accident. When reviewing the episode in slow motion, it’s obvious that he raises his arm and points it at the inflicted cars. If this is indeed the case, could his actions be interpreted as an act of anger aimed at the driver from the left who didn’t stop even though the traffic light was red? Is it possible that the alien sent a force-push wave similar to that of Star Wars movies?

Whatever the case, some things regarding this case do not add up, so a potential out of place reason for this mess exists. With all the unexplained phenomenon from across the world, we can only let our minds wander, and remember – the truth is out there!