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If the internet’s taught us anything, it’s that Russian car crashes are common. But this is the first time we’ve heard about UFOs causing drivers to lose control of the wheel. Watch the footage below…

Chinese news outlet Yibada reports that one person died and another was seriously injured after a violent car crash took place in western Russia’s Udmurt Republic. The driver of a small sedan veered off and ended up crashing head-on into a truck, even though the truck driver attempted to avoid him by driving near the edge of the road.

The incident took place on September 18, on a road near the city of Izhevsk.

The car’s 60 year-old driver was pronounced when paramedics arrived and his 22 year-old passenger is currently in the hospital, recovering from serious injuries.

Witnesses claim the accident happened because everyone was eyeballing the UFO in the sky. As you can see from the video, an unidentified object crosses the azure from left to right, disappearing behind a row of trees. The video doesn’t offer enough evidence to support the UFO hypothesis and, for all we know, the strange thing seen zipping through the sky could be anything from a drone to a helicopter.

The witnesses’ statements, however, paint a different picture.

We were driving home from grocery shopping,” Aglaya Feodorova told Russian police. “My husband and I were both shocked to see this thing in the sky as we have never seen anything like it. [The object] did not make a sound and it looked like a blue frying pan, without the handle. I can certainly tell you it was not a helicopter.

The man [involved in the accident] was probably looking at it too and that is why he crashed.”

The police have started an investigation into the accident. If any alien causes are identified, we’ll let you know. Watch the footage below.