Skywatchers using the solar visualization tool Helioviewer managed to capture a strange object the size of Earth’s moon just as it was blasting off from the surface of the Sun.

On July 18, UFO hunters examining imagery sent back by the SDO’s (Solar Dynamic Observatory) AIA 304 instrument were quick to spot the alien presence and their massive unidentified flying object, once again setting ablaze the UFO community. It isn’t the first time photographic evidence for such an object was provided, but rather the latest in a series of incidents in which our star plays a role we don’t yet understand.

Helioviewer allows users to place the Earth in images of the Sun, to better get a sense of how large it is. This allowed YouTube user UFOvni2012 to assess the size of the unidentified craft as several thousand miles across. If a UFO this big suddenly appeared in the sky over our heads, things would go dark pretty soon.

Naturally, a craft this size must have colossal energy needs, leading many to believe it had just finished refueling with the Sun’s plasma and was in the process of taking off. The straight stream of ejecta it’s leaving behind seems to support this theory.

ufo sun

If you were worried aliens siphoning fuel from our star might somehow deplete it, don’t. The Sun outputs 3.8 x  Joules of energy every second, equivalent to roughly 25 septillion average cars, so there’s plenty to go around. Even so, the implications of aliens leeching off our primary energy source are serious, though we couldn’t possibly do anything about it.

Another explanation for the alien presence near the Sun was proposed by Swiss researcher Nassim Haramein, who is famous for his controversial theories. Haramein surmised that extraterrestrials are using our Sun as a gateway for interstellar travel. He believes the alien ships somehow manipulate the extreme forces and phenomena present in or around the sun into opening wormholes that connect the Solar System to various other places in our universe, maybe going even further than that.

The Swiss scientist claims that the black spots that appear on the surface of the Sun are in fact black holes. Under very specific conditions, these black holes may twist space-time in such a manner that they form wormholes. Once opened up, these cosmic pathways take months to close, enabling safe passage between destinations or dimensions. These black holes are created and maintained open by Hawking radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation exuded near a region of the black hole called the event horizon.

Haramein says these wormholes are present not only on the surface of stars, but inside every planet as well. He believes that once a civilization attains a certain level of technological development, they could master deep space travel with minimal operational costs.

If Haramein’s suppositions are correct, we might have an answer for the large number of UFOs seen entering Earth’s mantle through active volcanoes. They could be using the immense pressure, heat and electromagnetism inside planets and stars to their advantage. This gives us a clue about the technology they would need to achieve such a feat.

The surface of the Sun reaches a scorching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. As you go deeper into the star, the temperature and pressure reach well, astronomic values. Near its center, the temperature reaches a whopping 27 million degrees, while the pressure goes up to 340 billion times the Earth’s atmospheric pressure. No metal, alloy or metamaterial developed by mankind can withstand even the surface temperature of the Sun. If the UFO spotted near our star is indeed physical in nature, we speculate it must be shielded by magnetic or force fields, but this supposition is susceptible to the limitations of our own technology and what we currently believe to be physically possible. The extraterrestrials could be manipulating matter and forces in ways we haven’t even dreamed yet.

This incident and many others like it refer the curious mind to a belief system that shaped the lives of ancient people, and whose influence still radiates today.

Sun worship. While it may seem self-evident that an archaic society with few established concepts about divinity would naturally glorify the big ball of fire that gives life and renews the world, their mythologies present some extraordinary facets. From bowing to the east, to the myth of Phaeton and the Sun Chariot, the heliolatrous aspect of bygone cultures focuses on some characters that could be direct references to extraterrestrials entering our Solar System through the Sun itself.

Are the ancient sun gods really constructs of the human mind or physical beings with technology so advanced, it couldn’t be distinguished from magic? Were their sun chariots actually spacecraft like the ones photographed near our sun? Will they be coming back?

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