Once again, NASA’s Curiosity rover shocks the UFO community by sending back a photo of something that feels very out of place on an allegedly lifeless planet.

The bizarre image showing a Martian goddess was taken by the rover on its 1509th sol (martian day) on the red planet, which corresponds with the Earth date of November 4, 2016. At a first glance, there is no apparent anomaly in the photo (raw image here), but that never stopped the keen eye of alien hunters. Credit for this amazing discovery goes to prolific blogger and UFO enthusiast Scott Waring, who described it as the “find of the century.”

I found a figure, carved in the ground or roof of a structure. Its very crude, but I believe that’s due to the fact of time, erosion and possibly a war that may have caused Mars to be this way.

woman on mars with breasts

The image shows the familiar figure of a woman in a dress. She’s got two arms, two legs, long hair and the correct number of breasts.

Four years have elapsed since NASA’s Curiosity rover first spun its wheels on the martian surface and during this period, it managed to change and enrich our views of Earth’s neighbor. From stalking mechanical robots to alien probes, to astronauts and statues of martian gods, there seems to be no end to the paradoxical discoveries the rover keeps making.

This latest finding goes a long way into drawing a parallel between our world and the red one over. We have women here and we’ve been immortalizing them in various forms for over 35,000 years.


If Waring’s right, the implications are simple yet astounding: a human-like species once lived on Mars and they left behind signs of their existence. The difference in anatomy (vertical boobs) might be just a stylistic quirk and not necessarily evidence that martian women were built on a vertical axis.

“Something confusing is her chest, it has the breasts one above the other, unlike women on earth who have them side by side,” Waring wrote. “No, I was not looking for this. It just stood out so much it was obvious what it was. It took a whole 3-5 seconds of looking at the photo to see it.”

I can’t help it if the image sent back by Curiosity conjures the representation of Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility and …warfare. The name Inanna means Lady of Heaven and is derived from the Sumerian nin-an-ak. Just take a look at this portrayal of Inanna and you can see the similarities for yourself:


Could it be possible that the same ‘gods’ were worshiped on these two distinct worlds? If Mars was once habitable, it makes perfect sense for the Anunnaki to colonize it just as they once did with Earth. We have signs of their past presence on our planet and if we’re lucky we might discover they went to Mars too.

Of course, there is always the possibility that confirmation bias is making us see things that aren’t there. For all we know, this image could show nothing more than an unusual arrangement of rocks photographed in a light that accentuates certain shapes. A martian goddess is a stretch of imagination but makes for an interesting theory, though.

But that doesn’t change the fact that there are numerous anomalies on Mars that neither NASA nor any other authority can explain without admitting aliens are real.