It would have seemed improbable that someone with high credibility from the US military would announce the existence of extraterrestrial crafts that are partially intact. David Charles Grusch, a former member of the UAP Task Force and a veteran of the US Air Force, has alleged that for decades, the government, its allies, and defense contractors have been retrieving parts and whole vehicles linked to these extraterrestrial occurrences.

Mr. Grusch has stated that examinations of these artifacts confirm their “exotic origin” and point to the involvement of non-human intelligence, which could be extraterrestrial or otherwise unidentified. His conclusions are drawn from the morphologies of the vehicles, tests on materials science, unique atomic configurations, and radiological signatures.

Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, reporters from the New York Times, were the first to break the news about Mr. Grusch’s claims. On June 5, 2023, they released an exclusive piece in The Debrief, revealing that Mr. Grusch provided Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General with classified details about highly secretive programs claiming the possession of non-human craft, both intact and in fragments.

In a one-on-one discussion with investigative journalist Ross Coulthart, Grusch, aged 36 and an Air Force veteran, disclosed the secretive military program that purportedly discovered whole UFO wreckage. Throughout this interview, Mr. Grusch boldly asserted the real existence of UFOs and their alien origins.

He declared: “UFOs exist. The U.S. government found quite a number of them, and they are indeed of non-human origin.” These statements by Mr. Grusch are backed by his direct experience as a former member of the U.S. government’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Grusch discussed the classified nature of the program, revealing: “For years, there have been whispers and rumors that the government had aircraft of non-human origin. This report is the first evidence it might be true.” He highlighted the secretive nature of the program, indicating that much of the information remains undisclosed to Congress and the public.

During the interview, Mr. Grusch detailed the recovery operations for what he termed spacecraft of non-human origin. He clarified: “These are retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles, you know, call it spacecraft if you will. Non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed.” When queried about the quantity of such crafts, Mr. Grusch surprisingly stated, “Quite a number. [You’re kidding?] No, I thought it was totally nuts at first.”

He also disclosed how his initial doubts were overturned after confidential discussions with current and former senior intelligence officials. He mentioned: “They approached me. I have plenty of current and former senior intelligence officers that came to me, many of whom I knew almost my whole career, that confided to me they were part of a program.” He further noted the receipt of verbal testimonies, documents, and other evidence supporting the existence of the program.

Mr. Grusch also touched upon the potential misinformation efforts regarding UFOs. He asserted: “There’s a sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the U.S. populace, which is extremely unethical and immoral.” He stressed the importance of his disclosures, proclaiming, “I am for real, and I’m sitting here at great personal risk and obvious professional risk by talking to you today.”

In response to journalist Ross Coulthart’s inquiry about extraterrestrial bodies, “Do we have bodies? Do we have species?” Mr. Grusch responded: “Well, naturally when you recover something that’s either landed or crashed, sometimes you encounter dead pilots.” He affirmed, “And believe it or not, as fantastical as that sounds, it’s true.”

Journalist Leslie Kean supported Mr. Grusch’s assertions, stating: “I believe it because of all the sources I have who have told me the same thing. So who am I to doubt these very, very high-level people who have been inside these programs for decades?” She emphasized that his credibility is reinforced by endorsements from several high-ranking individuals.

However, in a counterstatement, the Pentagon’s All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (ARRO) refuted these claims, stating that no verifiable evidence has been found to back the existence of past or present programs dealing with extraterrestrial materials, though it confirmed that investigations are continuing and encouraged people with relevant information to step forward.

Shortly after the publication of The Debrief’s exclusive report on Mr. Grusch, journalist Max Moszkowicz from the Dutch website REVU revealed that Mr. Grusch possesses documents signed by the inspector general. These documents reportedly confirm the retrieval of one UFO in US custody, originally found in Sicily, Italy during WW2 and seized from Mussolini.

Moszkowicz relayed that in 1933, Mussolini was informed by his secret service of a crashed air vehicle initially suspected to be a German secret weapon but later determined to be of unidentifiable origin. The object was analyzed in an Italian facility akin to Area 51 and was eventually transferred to the United States, possibly to Area 51/S-4.


The allegations of a UFO coverup are rooted in documents released from Mussolini’s office. These documents detail how Mussolini enforced strict measures to silence witnesses and declared the aircraft top secret, making its study a high priority. Italy’s leading engineers and scientists were gathered to create a top-secret group, reportedly led by the famed radio inventor and engineer, Guglielmo Marconi. (Click here to read the full article)

In a discussion with journalist Max Moszkowicz, former AATIP Director Lue Elizondo lent some credibility to this narrative, revealing he had encountered documents from Mussolini’s office that he found “compelling.” He hinted at rumors that parts of the craft were transported to the USA. Mr. Sharp disclosed that a source within the aerospace industry informed Liberation Times of an object that was retrieved from Italy after World War II.

In a conversation with the French newspaper le Parisien, Mr. Grusch asserts that the United States and its allies have secretly been retrieving both fragments and fully intact non-human objects for nearly ninety years. These items have undergone analyses confirming their non-human origins.

When questioned about the origins of these objects, Mr. Grusch posited that they might be extraterrestrial or from other dimensions, as suggested by quantum mechanics. He acknowledged the lack of sufficient data to conclusively pinpoint their origins and expressed his belief that the U.S. government holds more detailed information on this topic.

 Documents from Benito Mussolini’s office discuss unknown craft: Credit: “Luci nel Cielo” by Roberto Pinotti and Alfredo Lissoni via Liberation Times

The document reveals that one of the recovered “ships” was discovered in Italy in 1933. Described as a bell-shaped craft about ten meters in size, it remained under Mussolini’s control until 1944, when it was seized by agents from the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Mr. Grusch notes that this incident predates more famous events like Roswell and mentions he was cleared to discuss it by the Department of Defense’s Office of Prepublication and Security Review.

Addressing the topic of conspiracy theories, Grusch concedes that there is a risk of promoting baseless theories but observes that what was once deemed a conspiracy theory has proven true in this instance.

While Grusch alludes to having witnessed compelling findings that he is not currently authorized to reveal, he confirms that a select group of U.S. subcontractors, primarily from Five Eyes alliance countries (Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand), have been involved in reverse engineering efforts. He speculates that the applications of the materials studied could significantly advance space programs, materials science, and sectors related to climate or health.

Mr. Grusch also notes that his ability to speak freely is restricted by his confidentiality agreement with the U.S. government, which bars him from sharing classified details. He mentions facing repercussions after reporting to the Department of Defense Inspector General in 2021, though he is limited in what he can disclose due to the ongoing investigation.

Regarding his personal safety, Grusch acknowledges having received threats and discusses the dangers associated with either maintaining his anonymity or stepping into the public spotlight. Despite these dangers, he feels it’s crucial to promote awareness and seek answers from elected officials and the president. He intends to release more information in the future and is planning to set up a non-profit foundation to support scientific research and establish protocols on this topic within the academic community.