Whether you want to admit it or not, this world isn’t shaping up to be what we expected. It therefore makes sense to at least entertain the possibility of retreating somewhere, far away from it all. And what place could accommodate a world-weary human being better than a UFO floating anywhere on the Earth’s seas and oceans?



Modern mankind’s way of life is fucking up our planet bigtime. I apologize for my choice of strong words but this is the painful, vulgar truth. Fossil fuel burning is very likely to spark the next mass extinction, if it hasn’t begun already. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) was held last winter in Paris and determined (once again) that we’re severely damaging the environment and everyone – Big Oil included – promised they’d take action. They pinky swore and the gullible took the bait. What followed next shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

In a detailed report recently published by UK-based non-profit InfluenceMap, the group estimates that the world’s largest fossil fuel companies are spending more than half a billion dollars a year to suppress news about climate change and obstruct climate laws. And these are the details that somehow managed to transpire. In all likelihood, shady dealings struck far away from public eye involve Scrooge McDuckish amounts of coin.

And despite our hopes, the world governments don’t seem to keen on releasing the extremely low-cost energy generation technology they’ve reverse-engineered from the extraterrestrial craft acquired through various means.

For these reasons and so many more, humane people have always contemplated the possibility and intention of going off-grid. And since we’re all ufoholics here, why not live the dream and become the captain of an unidentified floating object that respects the environment.


This conceptual buoyant home is the brainchild of Italian mini yacht builder Jet Capsule and offers its occupants a go at “living in a floating house and moving slowly around the world.” Just imagine leisurely navigating the oceans at a maximum speed of 3.5 knots (4 mph) with the aid of an electric motor. The UFO’s power needs would be met by an array of solar panels totaling 430 square feet placed atop the structure. Wind and water turbines could provide another stream of electricity whenever the skies are cloudy.

The living space is divided in two floors with customizable configurations. With a surface of 215 square feet, the upper level could be converted from a kitchen to a dining/living area. A stairway connects it to the lower level, which covers approximately 107 sq-ft. This one is submerged and houses a bedroom and bathroom, complete with a large window through which sea life can be observed.


♫Oh! Who lives in a UFO half-under the sea?♫

Fresh drinking water could be obtained from rain and seawater with the help of an on-board generator. The same water could be used to irrigate a vegetable garden on the deck surrounding the craft. Measuring at around 40 feet in diameter, this garden’s output would be enough to feed a small family. Supplement that with fishing and you’d enjoy a hearty meal with a carbon footprint of zero.

In terms of feasibility, the Unidentified Floating Object still has a long way to go. But it has an undeniable allure when compared to the grounded homes we’re used to inhabit.


And unfortunately, it has another drawback. It costs big bucks. We should have seen that coming. Jet Capsule is seeking investors to build a prototype, its cost in the ballpark of $800,000 but once that step is taken, the company estimates the price will drop down to $200,000.

In case you do get one and take it out to sea, try and steer clear of military submarines. They don’t take kindly to folks aboard UFO-shaped vessels.