The Nascar driver Danica Patrick has a podcast and she recently had Dr. Steven Greer on her podcast speaking on the topics of aliens, UFO’s and more. She shares that “we’ve had the veil pulled over our eyes when it comes to aliens and extraterrestrial life.”

It connects all of us in that we are all connected to the ‘cosmic consciousness’ shares Danica. During the conversation Danica opens up and shares that in 5th grade she did a book report for school on the close encounters of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd kind. That’s how long Danica has been interested in reality, and what’s real. The cosmos and beyond our earth! That’s a long time being interested in our earth, space, infinity and ‘what’s at the end of infinity’ she shares. If there’s an end, what does the end look like? Danica asks.

Dr. Steven Greer Drops The Military Offer For $2 Billion Dollars To “Keep Quiet”

He goes on to share that as a child he began mediation and saw UFO’s and an actual alien as a child. He then wanted to understand the physics of consciousness deeper. He then goes on to share how the military offered him $2 billion dollars to keep quiet and essentially hush.

Watch the Full Danica Patrick with Dr. Steven Greer Interview Here:

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