High up in the Peruvian Andes, one can find a unique mountain top filled with strange energies: the mysterious Marcahuasi stone forest. Built before Noah’s flood swept the land, Marcahuasi is a testament to the prowess of a long-lost humanity.

Located 50 miles (80 kilometers) northeast of Lima and 12,500 feet above sea level, Marcahuasi is a 25 mile long plateau overrun by stone monuments and megalithic structures. The ancient, windswept mesa is visited each year by thousands of people searching for clues about our planet’s hidden history. Most of them will confirm that strange energies frequent Marcahuasi and ultimately converge into twenty-two separate vortexes called cruzes or crosses.

The enigmatic and curiously-shaped granite rocks resemble human faces, various animals and religious symbols. There is even a giant boulder shaped like a human head, forever frozen in a longing gaze at the sky and many see it shares an uncanny resemblance with the famous face on Mars.

marcahuasi figures

One of the first westerners to become bedazzled by the intrinsic beauty and uncommon powers of the Marcahuasi stone forest was paranormal writer Daniel Ruzo, who performed extensive investigations of the megaliths inscribed with strange symbols. Ruzo became convinced the place was not a natural formation, but the remnants of a once magnificent complex built in antediluvian times. In Marcahuasi, the Story of a Fantastic Discovery, he wrote:

“Our discoveries were made like this: observing rocks near where thousands of people lived, but they didn’t see them because they lacked faith in the magic world and in the works of art left by a former humanity which created and respected this world and produced these incomparable works of art, but left no signature. The artistic work was the rhythm of life, like heartbeats, or breathing, or walking on this earth. It was a work of magic.”

Ruzo believed these stone monuments are connected to other similar megaliths found all over the world, from Tepotzlan in Mexico, to Kakadu in Australia and from Easter Island to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Massive monuments such as these ones, he claimed, signaled the vicinity of caves and caverns that offered humanity a chance at salvation during a time of great catastrophes. It’s not impossible to conceive that some of these grottos housed portals leading either to inner Earth or other dimensions altogether.

The last cataclysm to befall mankind was a deluge that swept the entire globe and, in Ruzo’s opinion, Noah’s ark was not a physical construct but actually a metaphor for the monument-marked caves and the deliverance they offered.

Nobody knows how these strange formations came into existence. If they are not natural, we are left wondering about the identity of the builders of these strange monuments. Their age would certainly make them far older than any known civilization.

marcahuasi face

But these aren’t the only mysteries circulating in the area. Old tales say that the meseta Marcahuasi and its stone forest is (still) home to an inter-dimensional doorway. If this is true, it would explain at least some of the weird phenomena that regularly occur on the plateau. Voices claim that this is but one of the multiple traces left behind by a civilization so ancient, it rose, flourished and perished long before what we call written history.

This theory, however wild, is not without its backing and supporters. In one of our previous articles we discussed the Hopi Indians and their Blue Kachina Prophecy. Their mythology tells us we’re not the first humanity to become highly technologized. We’re not even the second. We’re the fourth mankind to have developed enough technology to wipe us all out.

Could this so-called stone forest be an indicator that a pathway between dimensions is hidden nearby? And if a highly-advanced civilization left it behind, where could they be now? We don’t know, but if you plan on finding out, Marcahuasi might be a good place to start. Just be careful you don’t end up like the unlucky woman below.

Some time ago, Peruvian investigator of the paranormal Dr. Raul Rios Centeno received a visit from a woman suffering from a sudden and strange case of hemiplegia. Her entire left side had become paralyzed following an unexplained incident in the Marcahuasi stone forest.

marcahuasi tourists

While camping out with some friends, the woman heard otherworldly music coming from inside a stone cabin. Naturally, a strange attraction tempted to enter and she was lucky enough to be stopped by her friends before she could do so. Despite performing a battery of tests, medical professionals were unable to determine what caused her strange affliction but Dr. Centeno suspected she had experienced a dimensional shift that somehow reversed the flow of energy in her nervous system. So that’s what happens when you half-enter a doorway between dimensions.

Daniel Ruzo died in 1993, before he had a chance to hear about this weird case, but he would have totally agreed with Dr. Centeno’s conclusion. He dedicated a sizable part of his life to uncovering the secrets of ancient megaliths and the portals they guard. He even developed a set of calculations that offered clues about our past and the future that will most likely bring our demise.

Ruzo’s theory stated that each humanity lasted for 8,608 years and the current mankind’s time is almost up. While the previous humanities were wiped out by catastrophes involving earth, fire and water, the next apocalypse will come by way of air. He estimated the end will happen between the years of 2127 and 2137. So unless they find a way to extend human life beyond its normal length, we won’t get to see it.

Just to be on the safe side, bookmark this page for your great-grandchildren to see the following message: head for the hills with megaliths, your salvation lies there!