The latest Joe Rogan experience podcast was something out of a sci-fi film. Terrence Howard, known for his acting in shows like empire and films like Hustle and Flow among others was his latest guest. The conversation went deep into science, the periodic table of elements, the deception of the scientific body and so much more.

The episode was fascinating because most people see Terrence Howard as an actor, and a successful one at that, so it’s difficult to see him as anything more than that. He’s defined himself in that role in his adult life.

The podcast took some interesting twists and turns however and Terrance will leave you memorized and how he thinks differently when it comes to the most basic principles of mathematics and science.

Why & How is Terrence Howard Changing Math & Science?

Some may say he’s off his rocker, a little coo coo. But when I listened to him some of the ideas that he was sharing actually made sense and made me question things. Math for example, when he speaks in terms of multiplication and take any number and square it to the power of.. He actually creates intrigue and curiosity with viewing how we could have even some parts of math completely dead wrong.

And this could be why the bankers, the elites and powers that be can use it against us. If you’re playing 5th grade math you’re whole life and you’re dealing with mathematicians with pHd’s, you might possibly get yourself into some bad financial contracts and deals.

Furthermore, he explored the conversation of bringing his findings to the esteemed scientist Neil De Grasse Tyson.

What Beef Does Terrence Howard Have With Neil De Grasse Tyson?

It turns out that Terrence did bring some of his findings to Neil De Grasse Tyson. He simplified it into a 30-something page document and sent it over to Neil.

Neil was open at first but once he took a look he was displeased and disapproved. He marked over everything in red lettering to ‘correct’ it and even became critical of the Nikola Tesla principles within the document and had an issue with that, Terrence claimed on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Neil De Grasse Tyson Has Issues With Tesla?

This is what we’re told from Terrence Howard, and there’s no reason why Terrence Howard would have any reason to lie to anyone about this. We all do know that Neil De Grasse Tyson is a bit of a status quo scientist who follows the script and the rules of the book. He knows what he thinks he knows based on what he’s been told and doesn’t color outside the lines.

In other words, this man has no imagination to explore and discover for himself.

Furthermore, we know that Neil De Grasse Tyson can also get emotionally triggered quite easily as he did on the Patrick-Bet David podcast when questioned on certain medical things during the virus period that it turns out he was flat wrong about, he he still stuck to his ego and doubled down on his stupidity.

The Terrence Howard Joe Rogan Interview Was Fascinating But…

The interview was fascinating and interesting. Terrence Howard has a lot of really interesting and fascinating ideas worth listening to. However, take everything with a grain of salt. No man with new ideas is 100% correct and I have noticed in life that people who speak with so much confidence about themselves being right tend to be wrong in ways that they cannot see.

It’s a cognitive bias.

The Craziest Things Terrence Howard Said In The Interview:

There were a few moments in the interview where I thought to myself.. Terrence, you were giving me shock and awe when it comes to the traditional paradigm of mathematics or science. But then he’d say something totally off the cuff that was just downright ignorant or wrong.

For example.. Terrence said.

That’s why white people are allergic to the sun! – Terrence Howard.

The Joe Rogan podcast.

Let’s correct this. White people are not allergic to the sun, they just don’t need as much of it as black or brown folks. That’s because their skin has less melanin. White people burn in the sun (Just like black and brown folks btw) if they are dehydrated, demineralized and lack specific antioxidants that counteract the oxidative affects of the suns UV rays.

If you want to learn more about this, read the articles on Or watch this YouTube video titled 10 health benefits of sunshine to learn about the healing power of the sun and light. We all need sunshine and light for our health, biology, pineal gland and more.

Furthermore, Terrence was critical of the Bible and God and claimed in some parts of the interview that you are God and Jesus.

He quoted scripture yet shit on the Bible. He literally quoted Jesus and then shit on the Bible in the same interview.

This makes me skeptical of his level of spiritual wisdom considering the recent findings and connections proving the Bible to be even more true and valid. Archeological findings and discoveries that have been validating the Bible more and more in the past decade.

I used to see the Bible in more of an ignorant light, thinking it was fairy tales and all hit or miss, but the older I get the more I look at it and realize this is not just sharing with us our ancient history, including the Nephilim giants which are even in the Bible. but in fact, maybe there is a divine imprint in this to actually be so much more. So now I’m reading the entire Bible from cover to cover for myself. I’m about half way through. I’d recommend everyone do so, it is the best-selling book of all time, so maybe that is worth exploring.

Enjoy The Terrence Howard Episode on The Joe Rogan Podcast