Recent discoveries once again prove that our understanding of ancient civilizations has some holes in it. This makes us wonder—are we really looking for the clues they left behind?

Researchers have been taking thermal images inside the Pyramid of Giza, and the results are amazing. Scientists say that the anomalies regarding heat in the pyramid might lead future explorers to discover a new chamber. It was previously believed that the temperature inside was constantly around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using today’s modern equipment, scientists have found at least three spots of the structure they have been unable to explain. Heat scans have shown that temperature varies in many stones located at the basis of the immense building.
One of the scientists working for Scan Pyramids, the company that organized the expedition, said :

We do not know what it is, it could be other material, a passage or anything else… we have to check with other scientists. It could be that hot air is coming out of the pyramid.”

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When he was wandering around the pyramid, the Antiquities Minister discovered something resembling a passage to a zone where the temperature changes. This might come as proof to the ones believing the pyramid was never the resting place of Egyptian royalty, but in fact a gargantuan energy well that extracts resources from the earth and multiplies or transforms them.

Scanning the structure using modern gear, researchers spotted 3 places in its core where the temperature exceeds the one found in other stones making up the pyramid. This strange discovery has led experts to believe heat is rising from somewhere beneath the structure.

The significant discovery was made at the sunrise point of the Great Pyramid of Giza, at the basis, which means there could be not one, but many rooms making the heat travel through the stone blocks.


The noticeable difference in temperature suggests something is really there.

If such rooms really exist, then the mystery becomes even greater. If heat is coming from these yet undiscovered chambers, it must be generated by something or someone. Of course, temperature could be only a small side effect of greater energies being harnessed or summoned there.

Many members of the UFO community even believe the pyramids, and not only the Giza pyramid, are landing or charging pads for alien ships. Given that a huge underground structure was discovered (but not explored or documented) near the Giza Pyramid, and many thinks it’s a huge mothership, these theories combined would make the perfect, logical, science fiction movie.

That would mean the whole plateau of Giza was once a landing base for vessels belonging to an ancient advanced civilization.

This latest expedition only proves yet again that not only the pyramids, but the entire Valley of Kings, still give humanity more enigmas than answers.