On the 14th of 2020 thousands of eyewitnesses saw a UFO in the New Jersey area. The UFO seemed to be almost 100 feet wide and was seen hovering over various parts of the city. Watch the first video here..

People pulled off the freeway pulling their cars over and pulling their phones out to watch and record the UFO in the distance. The unidentified flying object had a glowing light in the center, similar to the military TR3B, and oddly enough it was not a disc, but a triangle instead.

Watch another video here:

Strange that this was so out in the open. There are no military jets intercepting. It could be because it is an actual US Military ship. A TR3B perhaps. Or an iteration of it. There are a total of 9 US military bases in New Jersey. This fact alone makes it odd that this wasn’t intercepted within minutes. So why out in the open like this? Do you think that the military’s radar didn’t pick it up? Something this big moving in the sky with no fighter jets on the loose raises a lot of questions. TR3B is undetectable even with today’s radar technology still. Is this a top secret space craft? Are aliens finally deciding to show themselves? It would be nice if there were videos showing the entry and exit of this object to try to determine it’s intent more strongly.

What do you think this is? Where did it come from? Share it on facebook below to see what your friends think.

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