The fossilized remains of a presumed reptilian have recently surfaced on the internet provoking a massive excitement inside the paranormal community. Are these photos proof that reptilians are not just a myth?

There’s a conspiracy theory circulating on the internet about the possibility of reptilian beings disguised in human form that are secretly ruling the world. Although this puzzle seems hard to crack because an influential reptilian will be hard to reach and damask in the first place, there is another intrigue that may ease the work of conspirators across the world – the fossilized remains of such a ‘creature’.

The myths originating from the Hopi Indians speak of underground “snake brothers”, or ‘sheti’, that live their lives undisturbed underneath the American southwest and California. The Hopi refer to them as brothers, because there has been no war waged against them. Hard to believe? Well there are other references to these mythological beings.

Q’uq’umatz, the Mayan serpent of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs, all these deities are viewed as one – The feathered serpent. This intriguing concept envisions ‘The Great Serpent’ as a feathered beast, and since dinosaurs were discovered to have feathers, we can stretch our thoughts thinking of a possible feathered dinosaur with human intelligence which demanded sacrifices from its followers.

I know it sounds extremely out of place, but there are countless accounts in known history of such fantastic beasts. Cecrops, first ruler of Athens, was depicted as half-human half-snake, having a tail full of reptilian scales from below his waist. But do these claims of reptilian men and beasts have any material or palpable foundation?

A few photos of a so called “Fossilized Dragon Man” appeared on the internet. The reptilian-like creature has an elongated tail and a full set of horns on his forehead.


The fossilized remains were displayed in a private room belonging to a Japanese businessman. The person who revealed this information gave the following details:

The picture was not taken inside a museum but in a private gallery at the back of a clothing/lifestyle shop owned and operated by a Japanese eccentric in Tokyo (situated in the Shibuya shopping area). The exhibition had several display cases and other artifacts, including diagrams and photographs from a supposed excavation site. The photographs were sepia toned and looked like they could have been from late 1800’s or early 1900’s.”


The premise was to present the possibility of a race of horned ‘dragon men’, complete with reptilian tails, that might have existed with considerable proof being offered in the form of these found ‘fossils’.”

There’s no guarantee for the authenticity of the pictures, but since there’s a chance that a race of reptilians co-existed with humans thousands of years ago in underground cities like the one recently unearthed in Turkey, the possibility of the fossilized remains to be real should not be neglected.

If the myths about feathered serpents and other reptilian-like creatures are inspired from a bygone reality, then there’s a chance that reptilians have evolved alongside humans. The reason why they hide among us is yet to be revealed, but the earth is full of mysteries waiting to be dug-up and explored.