The tremendous power of Hurricane Matthew and its successor Irma has turned weather into a dominant theme in the forefront of people’s minds. After witnessing intense flooding, widespread debris damage, and more, many are wondering if there is something else at work here.

Geoengineering is one of the most fascinating topics in science fiction and real life. The fact that we could control or even stop climate change with these technologies intrigues many people, but it also scares them because they might be used for destructive purposes as well. The link between covert government operations and the effects these can have on weather is not just a conspiracy theory.

And now, NASA’s own satellite images have revealed what’s being referred to as “shocking proof of climate engineering.”

See for yourself:

East Coast Of Australia

The above image, along with those to follow, shows what Dane Wigington, writing for Wakeup-World, describes as “many variances of radio frequency cloud impacts”

Off Africa’s West Coast..
Californian Coast
Off Africa’s West Coast
Africa’s west coast..
South of Spain
Africa’s west coast

Dane, a geoengineering researcher, claims that despite the media referring to Africa’s coastal regions as “just dust in the air”, they are actually hotbeds for these efforts.

Dane quotes this excerpt from a Fox9 News article:

“Right now, much of the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the Caribbean have slightly warmer than normal ocean temperatures which would normally aid in tropical development.

“But there is so much dust and dry air in the atmosphere that storms are getting choked off before they even get started.”

Some people believe that geoengineering technology is controlling larger storm systems such as hurricanes and have already accused Hurricane Matthew of being the victim. These theorists suggest that photos show “ripples” consistent with powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions or atmospheric aerosols.

Even if this is all true, and even if it’s executed with good intentions, what are the unintended consequences of playing god with the weather? What are the unintended consequences? What would happen if we played god with the weather and something went wrong, like drought or flooding.

According to Dane:

The Earth’s life support systems have been damaged by climate intervention over the course of 65 years. In addition, countless other forms of anthropogenic destruction to the biosphere were inflicted upon it as well.

“Climate engineers are now appear to be attempting to use the very same intervention methods which caused the damage in the first place, to mitigate the harm already done.

“There is no sanity in this equation.”

Dane, a naturalist and photographer with an infectious love of nature captures amazing photos. His recent photo (shown below) depicts how radio frequency transmissions can affect cloud formations which are “powerful evidence that toxic electrically conductive heavy metals such as aluminum sprayed into our skies by the chemtrail/geoengineering programs”

In this photo below, Dane describes how radio frequency transmissions can affect cloud formations “by the spraying of toxic electrically conductive heavy metals.”

In this next photo, Dane points out that they formed near a HAARP Station, which generated the unique looking cloud patterns:

Haarp Station & Haarp Clouds
Make them stop… UFO’s to the rescue. UFOHolic on Youtube.

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