The Space Station responsible for a lot of orbital UFO sightings has done it again! This time we have a sneak peek of the infamous BNS.

The Black Knight Satellite is one of the strangest, most mysterious alien objects to have graced Earth with its presence. And, as a lot of UFO researchers will tell you, it’s been keeping an eye on humanity for over 13,000 years, constantly checking our progress and reporting to its far away masters.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1, the enigmatic alien satellite shows its irregular shape once again and let me tell you, it doesn’t look like a thermal blanket.

The object does not resemble any known satellite that we’ve put into orbit and its architecture is definitely alien-looking. There are no solar panels attached to its frame, which leads us into believing the alien object must employ some other type of propulsion and energy systems.

The Black Knight Satellite rapidly gained worldwide notoriety following NASA’s STS-88 mission, the first space shuttle mission to the International Space Station. A number of photos taken during the mission show a strange object floating above Earth. Many came to believe the photos were proof of the existence of the alien satellite, but NASA shot down these allegations by claiming the photos showed nothing more than a thermal blanked, a piece of insulation that had drifted away from the ISS.

In modern times, the story of the Black Knight Satellite can be traced back to 1954, three years before the world’s first artificial satellite was launched. A group of scientists at the White Sands government facility in New Mexico had picked up strange, periodic signals that were being emitted by an unknown source orbiting Earth. By 1960, even the United States’ Department of Defense had acknowledged this alien presence.

If we dig deeper, we’ll discover the same radio source had been identified by a team of Norwegian researchers in 1928 and prior to them, even world famous inventor Nikola Tesla.

In 1899, while experimenting with high-voltage radio transmission equipment, Tesla picked up what he believed were alien signals coming from a source very close to Earth.

“I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth,” Tesla wrote. “My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural.”

black knight satellite

Thermal blanket, shmermal blanket.


Going back further in time, we can find mentions in religious texts of a Dark Watcher looming above the firmament. The texts never mention its origin or nature but some proponents of alternative history have taken to calling it the Dark Ark. They suspect the satellite is actually a genetic repository of sorts, and that it contains DNA samples from the advanced cultures that existed on Earth in ancient times.

Evidence in support of either theory is hard to come by, because, come on, do you have the technology to go into low Earth orbit and start looking for an object that shouldn’t be there?

And those who do have no interest in sharing their findings with the rest of the world, so our best shot in uncovering the truth about the Black Knight Satellite would be to sort through existing literature and cross-reference it with ancient texts and mythological accounts.

If we find nothing, then it’s settled and we can go on with our lives. But how comfortable would you sleep knowing that the unblinking, ever-watchful eye of an alien satellite is always up there? It’s enough that we have our governments spying on our every action.