The intriguing crop circles are originally the fruit of consciousness grids embodied in complex patterns. The authentic crop-circles are simply put, a manifestation of the very fabric of the Universe that carries a powerful electromagnetic energy print.

We are the product of an omniscient and omnipotent being, and beneath the intricate model lies a message deeply related to our unknown genesis and why not, the end of our voyage through life. We can and should consider these cosmic symbols as a subtle way of communication between the creator and his creation.

The sightings of crop circles or commonly referred to as agriglyphs (landscape art), have increased especially since the 1970s and until 1991 it was considered to be of alien origin, when Doug Bower and Dave Chorley have claimed many crop circles to be their work of art, using only rope, planks, hats and wires.

Is this the government’s fling to cover-up the true nature of these agriglyphs? More than reasonable, or else many would rise and ask for explanations, but we don’t deserve them, do we? Various plauzible answers might be found within the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

It is known that in UK, crop circles appear most often than anywhere else on the planet. Also, the United Kingdom is home for the legendary Stonehenge. By simply mentioning of Stonehenge can stir the imagination even amongst the oblivious to the forbidden knowledge hidden in plain sight. As if it weren’t enough of a controversial subject already, Stonehenge is strongly linked to this puzzling phenomenon.


The latest agriglyph appearance is recorded one kilometer away from Stonehenge, more and more having been appearing near the monolithic structure. Rushing for a comfortable false explanation, many dismiss it as man-made, but its level of complexity suggests an accuracy that man is not actually capable of achieving.

Moreover, some crop circles seem to display out-of-the-world technology blueprints or depictions of what could be interpreted as hints to our descendance on Earth.

Other crop circles contain signs that can be easily recognized as esoteric symbols, translated into a powerful message: harmony, emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

At a glance, crop circles seem to be man-made, since they appear near roads in areas of medium to dense population, in the vicinity of other heritage monuments. All clues so far lead to a clever marketing strategy, to build intriguing tourist attractions. But sacred geometry stands out from afar, which can be deciphered into a message, fortifying the serious possibility of a direct communication with humans.

In response to this hypothesis, in 1974, UFO enthusiasts have sent a message to our watchers, in the form of a highly suggestive agriglyph. It is believed that we have received a feedback from outer space in 2001, but NASA has firmly dismissed it (another reason to consider the opposite).

Though it is uncertain the exact period when this phenomenon occurred. The earliest mention of a crop circle dates back in 1647, as illustrated in a woodcut named “Mowing Devil”, where it is clearly depicted a circular design in a field of corn.


Long story short, the legend says that a farmer would rather have the devil himself mowe the crops, than his worker.

Apart from legends and folklore, a more convincing historical mention comes from aerial surveys during the World War II over Britain, revealing what was initially termed as “crop marks”. Similar crop marks have been published in 1880, in the journal Nature, by an amateur scientist named Brandon Meland.

After a series of archaeological investigations, skeptics rejected the idea of extraterrestrial activity, pointing the finger to unrevealed pranksters.