A recent survey carried out by a Panamanian paper came to a surprising conclusion: a lot of those who see a UFO are suddenly DTF.

This might seem amusing at first, but the conclusions that can be drawn from the survey could serve as evidence towards the ongoing hybridization programs between aliens and humans.

The Republic of Panama is a country in Central America with a population of just under 4 million. A previous study concluded that 6% of the country’s inhabitants claim to have seen a UFO. This statistic doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the large number of Central and South American UFO sightings reported to MUFON and other organizations.

UFOs, aliens and how they make you horny

alien horny

The recent survey determined that 37% of the Panamanians who had seen a UFO experienced a strong increase in sexual desire shortly after the incident:

Six percent of Panamanians claim having seen a UFO, out of which 37% claim having felt “a strong sexual desire” following the experience, according to the survey by the Cid Gallup company,” reported the El Siglo newspaper.

Out of those polled, less than one fifth reported feelings of fear and anguish while 38 percent reported feeling “nothing in particular.”

Twelve percent of the study participants claimed they would enjoy meeting an extraterrestrial but this percentage is overshadowed by the 61 % who made it clear they’d rather not go through such an episode.

One might wonder about the psychological reasons behind the feeling aroused by a close encounter. Researcher Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual responds:

“Perhaps the anxiety and wonder of seeing something exceptional in the sky arouses the witness and accounts for these survey results. Some might claim that randy aliens are deliberately sending out beams that will stimulate witnesses so that they can have their wicked way with them.”

The results of the novel study could be explained by a phenomenon that has been steadily increasing during the past few years up to the point where we have multiple groups throughout the world claiming they are either hybrids themselves or have given birth to hybrid children.

UFOlogists studied and reported a number of cases where women claimed they were “abducted, impregnated and then re-abducted” several weeks later. During the second abduction, the women reported undergoing a medical procedure aboard the UFO where the alien fetus growing inside them was physically removed. The destiny of the hybrid children is a mystery to the mother but on many occasions, she claims she can still feel a spiritual connection to her half-blood offspring.

alien hybrids

These activities explained the short-lived pregnancies experienced by female abductees,” Watson added. “As for male abductees, they either claimed to have had intercourse with an alien woman or their sperm was extracted by mechanical means by the aliens.”

The extraterrestrials’ motivation behind this act is lost on us. Their enigmatic experiments serve their own purposes but to be completely honest, we’ve been doing the same thing to the critters that share this planet with us.

Is your dog next to you? Hybrid. Specifically bred to bring out some characteristics while weeding out those we deemed undesirable. That lunch you ate? The result of mutations humans saw favorable in the plants and animals they fed upon. The same process, but on a higher plane (since it involves us) might be responsible for all the inter-species breeding going on in the sky and outer space.

Nigel Watson continues:

“In his book Communion, Whitley Strieber famously described being abducted by aliens who inserted a 1ft (0.3m)-long anal probe inside him. It seemed to be a living entity, so when it was taken out he was surprised to see it was a mechanical device.”

Five star experience right there. Unfortunately, Strieber is far from being the only one to go through such an ordeal.

“The case of Antonio Villas Boas is also outstanding,” Watson wrote. “He claimed in 1957 that he was dragged inside a flying saucer and forced to have sexual intercourse with a beautiful alien woman. When he left, she pointed at her stomach, at him and then at the sky, implying she would have his child somewhere in outer space.”

“To some ufologists these reports and many other similar cases seem to indicate that the aliens are conducting a hybrid breeding program to create a race of super beings, for what purpose we can only imagine.”

“Skeptics claim these experiences are likely to be the product of sleep paralysis, where people are unable to discern the difference between fantasy and reality during the period between sleeping and waking.”

Yeah, right. Sleep paralysis caused by the inhalation of swamp gas ionized by the planet Venus and a weather balloon.