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History of Lizard Men

Lizard men. Reptilians. Gorn. Annunaki. Whatever you like to call them, there is no shortage of sightings of lizard-like humanoid creatures. From questionable video evidence of “reptilian shapeshifters” to the centuries old Egyptian accounts of the god Sobek, the idea of humanoid lizard beings existing amongst us is an enduring one.

Usually, the reptilians are reported as possessing intense intelligence and possible psionic abilities, such as their ability to mask their true form from human eyes which has been suggested by some to be based in psionics and telepathy to some degree. Most theories regarding the Annunnaki are predicated around them pulling the strings in our society, with their machinations being malicious to human society.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is different however. 

“Gorn is that you?”

On July 14th 1988, the Lee County Sheriff’s office received a call to a property near Bishopville, South Carolina complaining of overnight car damage. On arrival, the police noted that there were several scratch marks, bite marks and hair samples as well as muddy footprints.

From this incident, several claims began to be publicized about various run ins with the “lizard man” that the local townsfolk had. Most prevalent of these is the account of 17 year old Christopher Davis.

The 17 year old claimed that a few weeks prior to the initial Sheriff’s call he had an encounter with a creature that he described as “green, wetlike, about 7 feet tall and had three fingers, red eyes, skin like a lizard, snakelike scales”. According to Davis, he had been driving home from the night shift at a local fast food restaurant when a flat tire forced him to stop.

He fixed the tyre, and saw a mysterious creature approaching him. Panicked, Davis scrambled into his car and began driving. It was then that the creature, glowing red eyes and all, leapt onto his car roof and held on. It was only after Davis slammed on his brakes that the creature hurtled off the vehicle and disappeared back into the swamp.

Several accounts of the monster after this point have been proven false or misidentifications, but the Davis case itself has never been confirmed as a hoax, and there was verifiable damage to the car. Whether or not the damage was the result of a lizard man we will likely never know, but the Scape Ore Swamp flap of sightings was brief and transient. Whatever was in the swamp has likely moved on, but the description of the monster is unique to other reptilian accounts.

Accounts Scaled Back

What separates the Scape Ore Swamp incident is the feral nature of the creature. Typically reptilians are not depicted or reported as being animalistic and primal. If indeed the Annunaki are real, the Scape Ore Swamp creature doesn’t fit the description. Is it perhaps a less evolved variant of the Annunaki?

A sub-species surviving only in the deepest swamps and most remote areas of the world. Or perhaps the Scape Ore Swamp creature was an isolated incident, an anomalous individual of the Annunaki race left abandoned in the swamps of rural America.

Perhaps it was simply a bedraggled Moonshiner trying to scare away witnesses from his illegal business. What do you think, was it simply a case of panicked misidentity or is there something more tangible and credible to the legend of the Scape Ore Swamp Lizard man?

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