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Steven Green was recently on a popular youtube channel with over 2.3 million subscribers, called Valuetainement. The interviewer, Patrick Bet David asks Steve Greer about the 5 different types of alien encounters.
Steven Green Goes onto explain…

The 5 Different Types Of Alien Encounters

  1. Close Encounter of the first kind.
    is simply the sighting of a UFO ship.
  2. Close Encounter of the second kind.
    A second kind encounter is when a ship leaves evidence.
  3. Close Encounter of the third kind.
    When you have an direct encounter with an extraterrestrial being.
  4. Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind
    When you’re taken on board with alien beings.
  5. Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind.
    Humans initiate contact with aliens.

Watch The Video Here:

Steven Greer goes on to share how he was abducted onto an alien ship (a close encounter of the 5th kind) when he was 18 years old. He began to experiment with a meditation in the mountains of North Carolina, and got to the point where he could “call down UFO’s” with a simple meditation.

He then later utilized an hour meditation in the French Alps and brought a ship into the clear blue sky. A friend who was with him at the time, at just 19 years old, was freaked out by the incident. He continued with these meditations in engaging with this protocol to call UFO ships down from the sky.

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