The Bolsón de Mapimi basin in Mexico is home to a very strange area called La Zona del Silencio – The Silent Zone. Located between the states of Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila, this area achieved notoriety thanks to a number of unexplained anomalies.

The Zone of Silence first gained attention in the 1930s, when a Mexican airplane pilot named Francisco Sarabia experienced some difficulties while flying over the mysterious patch of desert. The instruments aboard his plane inexplicably started malfunctioning; he couldn’t receive nor send any radio transmissions and the compass had a hard time pointing north. He chalked it off to some disturbances in the local magnetic fields and, for another 30-something years, the issue would remain in obscurity.

Francisco Sarabia Zona del Silencio

Attention was once again drawn to the area in the 1970’s when an Athena test missile was launched from a military base near Green River, Utah. Its destination was the White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico. Without warning or explanation, it went 400 miles off course and crashed into the Zona del Silencio. A team of scientists and US Air Force officials were promptly and secretly sent to recover the missile and investigate the region. To their surprise, they ended up discovering several abnormalities.

Careful measurements showed that within the Mapimi basin there is an unspecified, fluctuating area through which radio signals cannot travel. The zone acts like an absorbent barrier for television, radio, short wave, microwave and satellite signals. Despite increasing the intensity of the transmission, these waves simply couldn’t make it through. The name Zone of Silence was quickly adopted and scientific interest brought a number of researchers looking for answers.

With the aid of the U.S., the Mexican government built a research facility whose purpose was to allegedly study the local flora and fauna. It is said that plants and animals in the Zone of Silence suffer strange and unique mutations found nowhere else in the world. But there are rumors claiming that this is just a front for far more secretive and obscure groundwork taking place in the Silent Zone.

Mexico Zona del Silencio Strange Animals

One of the odd attributes of the region is its unusually high levels of magnetite and uranium deposits that scientists believe are causing electromagnetic pulses able to disrupt radio signals. It is also a hotbed for meteorites, which could account for the magnetic properties that cause metallic objects to end up falling from the skies. But things still don’t add up.

As it turns out, the Zone of Silence is located on the same latitude as the Egyptian Pyramids, the ill-fated Bermuda Triangle and the sacred cities of Tibet. Mere coincidence or further evidence towards the zone’s peculiar characteristics?

Mexico Zona del Silencio Bermuda Triangle Egypt Pyramids Tibetan cities

The straight line doesn’t lie

Some say the area could be a magnetic grid point where the Earth’s energy is concentrated and the unusually high energy levels are drawing in extraterrestrial activity. And if there’s one thing the Zone of Silence has plenty of, it’s unusual occurrences linked to the UFO phenomenon.

Strange lights, floating orbs, burning bushes, flying saucers, and alien encounters have all been reported with a degree of abundance in the area. Locals report mysterious lights filling up the night sky and floating aircraft landing in the desert and causing small, localized fires wherever they touch the ground.

Some theorists proposed the continued existence of a portal in the area. Mexican ranchers tell tales of mysterious lights hovering over the Silent Zone and strangers appearing out of thin air. Multiple witnesses report encountering the same three blonde humans that always asked for water, but never for food. When asked where they were from, the strangers invariably responded that they “came from above.”

As always, tangible evidence was not provided or perhaps is being kept secret. Regardless of the official answers, the area is home to several phenomena that defy explanation. We are left wondering whether the unusual magnetic properties of the Silent Zone are a natural occurrence or are caused by something that we do not yet understand.