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Randy Cramer is an incredibly controversial figure. He claims to be a super soldier that was pulled into a Government program at the age of just 4 years old to be a part of something called “Project Moon Shadow” – The project consisted of 300 boys and girls. At 17 years old he claims he was recruited into the MDF (Mars Defense Force).

He shares his story in detail in this 44 minute talk here:

How many people want to meet an alien tomorrow? He asks. He shares that your frontal lobe is the part of your brain that tells you that you’d like to meet an alien tomorrow. If you have another biological entity that is standing next to you that is not like you. Two things are going to happen.

Your frontal lobe is going to go through that exercise. Your frontal lobe will do that in a few seconds. Way before that seconds your amygdyla is going to make another decision for you. That decision is whether you’ll panic or not.

He says “I guarantee that 90% of you will panic, because your amygdala will make that decision before your frontal lobe has a decision to even think about it.”

A fake, planned alien invasion could create mass suicides and mass murders, with the tiny fraction of fearful people. Randy believes that 15% of the population falls under this criteria. The question is – is humanity ready for the discovery of alien life?

Randy also claims that “Civil War 2.0 is brewing” and is being fueled by big money. He shares that the elite have done this in other countries. Funded both sides of the war and profited when they fought each other.

“We’re seeing this incredible amount of propaganda” – and he shares this in 2019. Before the corona virus.

What do you think? Do you think this planned alien invasion is coming? And is an effort to create more fear and division among us?

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