Many people believe the Universe can be explored in almost a blink of an eye, using energetic portals and our consciousness. The Ancients knew about these means of traveling to other Star Systems, but also to the inner Earth using crystals, pyramids, and other earthen structures aligned with the ley lines of our planet.

Alice’s rabbit hole. The tornado in the Wizard of Oz. The ‘Gate of Hell’ in Dante’s Inferno. Fantasy literature is full of symbolism referring to portals that allowed the passage to inconceivable worlds.

Within this scheme we can look at the work of a NASA scientist who disclosed that everyday, portals open and close every day. Such gateways can be found within Earth’s magnetic field, falling in a direct line to the Sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.

NASA hasn’t tagged them as portals, instead opting to call them Boom Tubes, electron diffusion regions or ‘X’ points, their existence being due to magnetic resonance. It’s truly a shame “real” scientists are paid to dismiss their presence in our scope.

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Jack Scudder, a NASA plasma physicist from the University of Iowa, refers to X-points as:

Places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun. These portals can be elusive, however, so if one were to imagine utilizing them for space travel, they would have to be an expert in space geography and mathematics to time them correctly.”

Some claim that a military underground subdivision possessed the knowledge to perform time travel through stargate portals for almost 40 years.

Andrew D. Basiago is a former active member of DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1968-1972), claiming that the military had successfully achieved Tesla-based quantum teleportation and time travel in the time-space hologram, initiating the U.S. program of time-space travel called “Chrononauts”.

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Since the 1970s, the military has been crossing worlds, and for more than 10 years, Basiago has been spreading the word to the oblivious citizens about portal-based time travel, many already familiar with the famous “Stargate” series.

Not only did Basiago talk about time travel, but he also claims that the CIA has a program named Mars-jump-room which grants our military units the ability to build their own bases on Mars. He also claims that even though he has worked with some of the leaders in quantum physics, the information disclosed by him is considered dissentive not only by the military but also by mainstream physicists.

According to Basiago, he engaged in two – allegedly – secret military programs. He claims he was one of the great deal of American children chosen to take part in experiments involving time travel. His reports on his experiences are determined based on logic alone and it is hard to disregard his tales as being sheer fantasy. It is, by all means, for the best that the US military keeps this kind of technologies secret, since they can be turned into weapons. This is no secret, ever since Rumsfeld has declared that one of the advantages of research done within Project Pegasus is the capacity to use teleportation in order to deliver troops to the proper place on the battlefield.

“Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

While passing through this veil of energy, Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” that allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually.”

However advanced, this unconventional transportation process had its pitfalls. One of Basiago’s colleagues, Alfred Webre recalls an incident during which one of the young chrononauts was teleported without his legs.

Basiago’s admission is controversial, to say the least. The technology he describes could solve a lot of mankind’s problems, but it could destroy us just as well. Collectively, we don’t even know what time is, why it is or why it flows the way it does. The human mind finds it hard to wrap around concepts like time travel and the paradoxical consequences of altering past timelines. But then again, there is nothing in Einstein’s General Relativity that can sink the notion of time travel.

Featured Image: Uribaani/DeviantART