purebred pleiadian

Pack Your Bags! Researchers Discover Community of Purebred Pleiadians Living Free in Argentina

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According to recent reports, one researcher uncovered a community of unadulterated Pleiadians living the good, simple life in a remote village in Northern Argentina. Feel like getting out? It means you’ve noticed the spiritual degradation our society has been steadily falling into. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an oasis of tranquility and equilibrium, where…

nasa blue sphere blue star kachina

Viral NASA Photograph Show Mysterious Blue Sphere in Front of the Sun – Was it the Prophetic Blue Kachina?

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On November 17, NASA’s STEREO satellites photographed a giant blue sphere moving in front of the Sun. The strange images quickly went viral and the internet is full of theories trying to explain the highly unusual occurrence. Is the Blue Star Kachina finally here? The viral NASA photograph was first uploaded to Facebook by Pamela Johnson…

fleet ufo moon

Why is this Fleet of UFOs Leaving the Moon? Are they Harvesting Something? [+7 BONUS Lunar Theories]

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Is something threatening the alien presence on our natural satellite or is this something that happens on a regular basis? On the day before November’s supermoon, YouTube user Geri Vigil pointed her camera towards the lunar disc and to her surprise, she managed to capture stunning footage of what appears to be evidence of intense UFO…

obama clinton admit aliens exist

GOV Whistleblower: Obama and Clinton Will Admit Aliens Exist before Trump Enters the White House

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A UFO disclosure organization was recently contacted by a high-ranking government official carrying a powerful message: in less than 2 months, the U.S. –and the rest of the world — will know the truth about aliens and UFOs. The Paradigm Research Group, a consortium of well-meaning truth seekers might go down in history as the…

cern stargate earthquake

CERN’s AWAKE Experiment Accused of Opening a Stargate and Causing Earthquakes. ConCERNed?

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Conspiracy theorists are pointing their internet fingers at CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider, accusing the facility of opening a stargate and consequently causing a big mess in Europe and the rest of the world. Alarms are being raised all over the internet by conspiracy theorists who are convinced the recent increase in…

dna cosmic egg portugal

Why is there a DNA Double Helix Carved on this 7,000 Year-old Portuguese Cosmic Egg?

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Prior to 1953, we didn’t know what DNA looked like, so where on Earth did people from 5,000 B.C. get this information from? This enigmatic stone was retrieved from the small town of Silves in the Algarve region of southern Portugal by British researcher and author Peter Daughtrey. The scholar believes there is a strong connection between…

This Strange Noise in the Arctic Ocean Could Originate from an Underwater Alien Base

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The Canadian military investigated a mysterious pinging signal coming from the depths of the Arctic Ocean. They have no clue about what’s causing the cryptic sound. Afraid it might scare off fish and game, concerned fishermen and hunters from the remote Nunavut region in Canada reported this strange noise in the Arctic to authorities. They say…

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