Are We Alone? – 3 Solid Reasons to Believe in Aliens

When you look to the stars in the sprawling night sky, you might ask yourself: “Are we alone?” Sci-Fi shows, movies, and books have challenged our imagination of what’s beyond the boundaries of our solar system. However, mention that you believe in aliens, and you might get a couple weird looks. However, there may be […]

Roswell is a Very Interesting Place With a Lot Of People That Want To Know What’s Going On – President Trump

Recently, Donald Trump JR. was speaking with his father and the topic of aliens and Area 51 was brought up by Don Trump Jr. President Trump responds with “Roswell is a very interesting place with a lot of people, millions of people that want to know what’s going on.” Here’st the full exchange along with […]

You Believe in Aliens & UFO’s But Not Government Conspiracies?

Many readers of UFOHolic have seen UFO’s firsthand and have experienced the phenomenon directly, so it’s easy to believe in it. You see it, it’s there. Maybe you’ve even seen a few UFO’s. However, most of us have not seen an alien. Most of us have not seen what are in these unidentified flying objects. […]

Contactee Emily Trim Speaks Out About UFO Encounter 20 Years Later

One of the most incredible UFO/ extraterrestrial sightings in the world happened in Zimbabwe on September 16th, 1994 with more than 60 witnesses. This is the story of Emily Trim, who speaks out about one of the most captivating encounters to have ever been recorded in history. For a long time, people have been afraid […]

How to Contact UFO’s Taught By Dr. Steven Greer

For many years, Dr. Steven Greer has been apart of the UFO and alien disclosure movement. He has brought together scientists, physicists, doctors, professors, inventors and even government officials in his attempt to expose and teach humanity the truth about aliens and UFO existence and their impact on the world. Dr. Greer, is an advocate […]

Bernie Sanders Vows to Disclose UFO Information If Elected

Bernie Sanders has promised citizen that he would investigate and disclose information the government may have on aliens and UFO’s if he becomes president.   Bernie Sanders on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast host Joe Rogan, asks Sanders, “If you got into the office and you found out something about aliens, you found out something […]

Alex Jones Tells Joe Rogan About Secret Alien Project Bill Gates is Working on

Alex Jones has always had a lot of interesting information to share. You may have heard that he’s been completely blacklisted by the tech giants such as google and facebook. They don’t want people to hear what he has to say. Info Wars has been censored more strongly over time. Joe Rogan however, has a […]

Musician Claims Skier Who Disappeared Was Abducted or Went Through Portal

A man by the name of Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, 49, a firefighter from Toronto, was last seen at the Wilmington ski area last month. He was skiing in in New York with fellow firefighters. He went missing at the end of the ski day. His friends and family  scoured the mountain in search for him but could not find […]