This Movie Claims To Have Real Alien Footage

In 1997 came out a movie that claims to have real footage of an alien interview from Area 51.  A person known as Victor owned the mysterious tape allegedly retrieved from Area 51. He was hiding his identity for safety reasons. The movie paints him as someone who smuggled the footage from Area 51 during […]

The Mystery of Bob Lazar – A True Area 51 Insider

Bob Lazar is a scientist and physicist who claims to have worked at Area S4, which is 15 miles south of Area 51 between 1988 and 1989. According to Lazar, his job, was to reverse engineer and try to duplicate materials used to create the UFO spacecraft he was working on. The job was extremely […]

Warned About Aliens By Alien 51 Worker

In 1997 a man called a radio station Coast to Coast AM with panic in his voice. He said he was a former Area 51 worker on the run with little time left before someone or something catches him.  The call was unscreened, and the show host Art Bell urged the caller to give him […]