Military Insider Shares Advanced Alien Tech Being Withheld From Public

World Renowned, Scientist, Inventor, And Military Insider Emery Smith Shares About Aliens, Mind-Boggling Medical And Technological Advancements That Are Being Withheld From The Public Matt B. – Published 01-15-2020 If you want live an incredible life, follow the footprints of Emery Smith.  A man that has been working for the United States Air Force for […]

‘I Saw Men on Mars’

By Abigail O’Rourke “Whistleblowers” are just part of our everyday life now it seems. Whether you view them as traitors to the state or heroes of the people one thing is sure. Edward Snowden is a household name. Ever since the Great “Snowstorm”, the social climate has proven fertile for one whistleblower after another to […]