We’re Hiring!

UfoHolic.com is growing! We’re a team of dedicated researchers, writers and Ufologists that are dedicated to seeking and finding the truth. We’re one of the fastest growing UFO websites on the net and are continuing to make big improvements and strides to grow on all social media channels, our content library and more. We plan on being the #1 GO TO UFO website online. There’s no stopping us.

We’re big believers in the idea of partnership, and earned growth. If you show up and give 110% then you get 110% and the next opportunity on the table. We’re hippie-like, but not hippies. We’re “business hippies” so to speak. We’re into seeing through the matrix illusion, investing into our health and wellness potential. Being sustainable and off-grid. You get the picture 😉

We’re currently looking for:

1. Writers: Writers create content around the topics of Alien, ET, UFO’s, conspiracies and the paranormal. If you have experience as a writer we are looking for writers who are looking to make some extra $ as a side gig.

2. Developers: We’re really looking for one good developer who can dedicate themselves to the creation of a mobile app. This would be something that would be a partnership. We supply the vision for the app, and will market and promote it once live. We’d like to start with the android app and if that goes well mimic the app on Iphone also.

3. Videographer: We’re looking to create a documentary film, and to bring this project together in a big way. If you’re interested in helping to shoot, produce, edit, or direct a documentary film that we think can reach 1 million+ people then reach out to us!

4. Podcasts Hosts (2-3): We’re looking to launch a UFOHolic podcast! This podcast would be covering all topics of things alien/ufo related. As well as conspiracies, paranormal events and the like. We’re looking for a group of 2-3 friends who are already friends that can talk about these things in long-form content. If your tribe and you fit the bill, we’ll fund this podcast to get off the ground and you’ll be partners with the brand as a whole, with the podcast.

You can reach out by direct messaging us on Instagram, or shooting me a message on Linkedin here.