Former NASA Engineer Tells About 9-Foot Tall Alien Meeting With ISS Astronauts

alien meets astronaut 2
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  1. Hartmut says:

    So Mister Astronaut – Where are the photos or video clips of that 9 foot alien ? ? ?
    You got all that high tech monitor stuff – and yet you could not record, or take a clear and sharp photo of the alien talking to the Earthling ? ? ? Pathetic ! ! !

    1. Buck Nuck says:

      Yes, because they always allow people to take X1-X6 , or DoDM SCIF or SAP data home with them, you bloody idiot. They actually used to do that, but it became a problem as people retired or died off. Project Bluebook, 50,000+ documents of empirical evidence telling anyone the truth about UFOs, which the government fully covered up. The official plans of their at the time were ‘debunkery’ and ‘ridicule’ by the establishment, and their own statements about ignoring or abandoning research were proven false in later years.

      1. Hartmut says: Well, Mister Astronaut, I do not recall calling you a ‘bloody idiot’.
        Come back again – after you have learned to discuss matters in a civilized way.

        1. Buck Nuck says:

          You know, you are correct. I meant to infer idiocy, the sheer idiocy of ignoring evidence staring us in the face. I apologize for wording it the way I did.
          So perhaps you can comment on the idiocy of ignoring empirical data? UFOs were determined to exist, and the most likely explanation is the ETH or IDH (ET or Inter-Dimensional hypotheses). This was determined by COMETA, a report done by the former head of France’s NASA (equivalent) as well as a military & other dept. head. They reviewed empirical data and came to that conclusion. Circa ~1999. Same time the incident with McClellan happened.
          Project Bluebook, which happened from the 50s-60s in the US, had an official directive of covering up UFOs. We know that now because the legitimate data collection was done for the most part somewhat honestly. The interpretation was dishonest. They ignored and purposely avoided certain evidence. They misrepresented the evidence and committed a scientific fraud in the conclusions of the report. When it was finalized, the USAF claimed it was “closing the books on UFOs”, but in reality they simply classified the reports under JANAP146 & AFM 55-11. SO, that being said, it’s impossible to ignore the evidence, impossible to pretend a cover-up didn’t take place, when in the face of evidence, their recommendations were: “debunkery via the mass media, including Disney corporation, scientists, psychologists & astronauts.” This coincided with the creation of CSICOP, the “skeptic” movement that promoted and legitimized ad hominem attacks on anyone who questioned UFOs. It’s all coincidence the CIA funded the National Enquirer at the same time, and James Randi paid “plants” to “prove” supernatural events were fraud (prove fraud with fraud, LOL), it would later come out Uri Geller was a CIA/Mossad asset.

          SO with 20/20 hindsight, we have natural mass sightings, UFO “waves”, that took place around the 50s, 60s, 70s, which cause public panic & was addressed by lies and scientific fraud (by the .gov). During the same time the USAF & CIA took an official policy of misrepresenting the data, lying to the public, while discrediting or destroying the careers of anyone that might question it, while also officially “closing the book” on the subject. Documents disclosed out of Canada (years & years later) would eventually prove this was all a lie. And even today recent revelations suggest the US took over UK’s UFO/Alien operations, when it closed the MoD section dealing with it.

          In other words, we have a near hundred years history of these events, transgressing naturally, public outrage, concern and a demand for answers, and the government officially covering up the events. Then you can go back and find these types of events transpired throughout history, all through every civilization, since the beginning of recorded history. There are even cave drawings dating back to 50,000BC which look suspiciously like Aliens.

          So what’s the most likely conclusion in the face of the actual evidence. (?) The main reason they fight so hard to dismiss UFOs (which they’ve been doing by promoting stories in tabloids, while regular media laughs at it) is because once you accept the UFO reality, you are left with a very short list of explanations. Once you acknowledge an ET or ID theory, you are then left with a very reasonable conclusion they are and have been interacting with controlling powers, for a very, very long time. The origins of faith suddenly make complete sense as well.

          1. Hartmut says:

            Thank you Buck for your reply.
            Obviously the Universe must be full of intelligent beings. However, unless an alien spacecraft (not an UFO) lands on the White House lawn or in the middle of a big televised football game I stick with what Carl Sagan said: ‘Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof’.
            So far I have not seen even ordinary proof !
            And let’s not forget how unimaginably vast the Universe is. That an alien race could even find us (or want to find us) would be a near miracle. Besides that, the Universe is expanding, making those light-year distances even more and more distant.

          2. Buck Nuck says:

            It’s funny you bring up Sagan, did you know that Sagan was deeply obsessed with UFOs in his understudy & early years? His mentor, more skeptical used to poo-poo his ideas, after he even sent letters to the Department of Defense (or whatever it was at the time) warning of the potential threats. He had become quite involved with the phenomena, and that’s why he was brought onto the Condon Committee which reviewed and explored the UFO problem (which arose out of pubic outcry from UFO waves), analyzing all data from SIGN, GRUDGE & BLUEBOOK.

            In any case, Condon, who led the inquisition, had been recorded as saying, ‘UFOs are nonsense and it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that, but Im not supposed to reach that conclusion for another year’ (paraphrased). You can review the files yourself, search: “Bluebook Archive”. The Condon report concluded (falsely) UFOs were all explained but for a small number which could be but wasn’t worth the effort.

            This was contrary to the actual evidence. In fact, 22-33% of cases, remained unexplained. (many were classified so perfect calculations are troublesome) And not because they lacked evidence. In fact, the researchers even purposely ignored or failed to follow up on leads in some cases. Even with making an effort to ignore evidence, the empirical data that was collected, when reviewed honestly, certainly verifies the existence of UFOs, which are intelligently controlled & break known laws of physics.

            Condon, irate that a memo (outlining his horrid, unscientific bias) got passed around (and caused two people in the project to drop out), stated about the person who made the memo available: “They should be professionally ruined.”

            He also blocked Carl Sagan from the Cosmos Club in Washington later on, citing “he was too soft on UFOs” which is hilarious, because Sagan was far more ‘skeptical’ in his efforts than his personal beliefs and personal knowledge on the subject would suggest. J Allen Hynek (Mr “Swamp Gas”) would later admit and apologize for his role in the deceptive fraud.

            So Sagan learned a valuable lesson. Not only here, Condon’s vitriolic hate for him, attacking him professionally, but also when he applied for tenure at Harvard. He was denied of course. And after learning these valuable lessons, you can see a clear change in his approach to the subject. He suddenly shifted UFOs into a tertiary interest, and chased after ‘hypothetical ETs’ instead. He knew talking about hypothetical aliens was okay. So long as there was no real impact on the world power structures, they didn’t seem to mind, in fact, even tying it into the pseudo-skeptical movement, with quotes like: extraordinary claims require…blah blah blah. The extraordinary evidence exists! It always has. There are cave paintings from 10k, 15k, up to 50k years ago depicting what we commonly attribute aliens to look like today. But Sagan knew he’d never have a career speaking about those inconvenient truths. He did however leave hidden messages in his work. Like in ‘Contact’, where the main character interacted with aliens, but no one believed her & questioned all of it, because elements of the meeting were beyond human understanding. The movie version leaves out Ellie, was vindicated in the end.

            Sagan got his first taste of establishment pressure and how the cover-up functions. Officially, the CIA’s directive from the Robertson Panel re:UFOs – “Debunkery via the mass media, Disney, business clubs, schools, psychologists, etc, etc, etc” & ridicule of proponents… officially it ended, just like the USAF “closed the book on UFOs”, of course we know for a fact the book wasn’t closed. Accidentally released documents proved the military diverted reports under 146 and AM55-11, which went through NORAD in CIRVIS reports. (Norad was free from most FOIA requests, because of the joint venture nature of the operation). Russia also reported that the US took over UFO/ET operations in the UK, just recently when the UK/MoD closed down the office Nick Pope was working at. Pope had never been anything more than a figurehead and admitted all reports he obtained were pre-vetted by another agency first.

            So we know the book wasn’t ‘closed’, we also know by the CIA funding National Enquirer & engaging in various deceptive efforts, we also know the Robertson Panels suggestions are still active too.

            There are 50,000+ documents in the Bluebook archive. You and anyone else can read them. The conclusions Condon made were false and contrary to the evidence in the research. Even though the investigators failed to record all data, they still recorded enough to prove the existence of UFOs.

            Truly extraordinary evidence. Also, as a means of verification, one only has to read the COMETA report or Sigma 3/AF report. Another study, probably the first intellectually honest one completed, which comes to the same conclusions. You can also search for white papers on the subject, and you will find plenty.

            Of course the problem with admitting UFOs exist, is then the implications on that reality. Suddenly the abduction phenomena cannot be dismissed. Ironically, John E Mack, tenured Harvard professor, went to ‘debunk’ abductions. But found a very real phenomena happening. Harvard investigated him (the first time in the schools history investigating a tenured professor) and cleared him of wrongdoing.

          3. Hartmut says:

            Hi Buck,

            I’m not living in ‘easier denial’, only searching for undeniable truth, not just for some cave paintings or read reports from people who see or bend things to fit into their beliefs (like Däniken).
            I have painted many odd fantasy creatures myself which could be interpreted as evidence of aliens by a different race, in say about a 1000 years from now.

            I have also been in contact for decades with UFO/Alien believers, who have been abducted (like Ida M. Kannenberg) and also with others who believe that they are alien / human hybrids.

            Have a nice day,
            Cheerio, Hartmut 🙂

          4. Buck Nuck says:

            Interesting work by the way. Thanks for sharing.

          5. Hartmut says:

            Thank you for your positive comments about my doodles. 🙂

          6. Buck Nuck says:

            Not Daniken, him or Stichen aren’t very on point. I don’t know where to start but if you can get access to old arrives or libraries, you will find LOTS if you look in the right places. Pay attention to whats missing. Especially people who come out of nowhere. The evidence is, overwhelming. Though its also hidden. Theres a reason the Vatican destroyed the MesoAmerican culture when they arrived. Burned books. Banned teachings. Banned art.

            Same thing happened during the inquisition. You can find UFOs in cave drawings, and it doesnt take Von Daniken to spell it out. But you can also find reports throughout history, including the discover of magnetic declination. He was probably one of the earlier UFO hunters, in 1000AD.

          7. Hartmut says:

            The rogues who destroyed the MesoAmerican culture where greedy brutal adventurous, like Cortez or Pizarro, who melted precious artifact for their gold value. Of course the Vatican tried to eradicate and destroy anything they considered ‘unholy’ heathen practises, just like ISIS is doing now.

            But all of that has nothing to do with Aliens / UFOs – in my opinion.
            It looks that you can not convince me and I can not convince you.
            So I think it it best that we agree to disagree – and leave it at that.

            Of course I would be more than happy to change my view – should ‘unshakeable’ prove be presented to me – because I think it is necessary to get away from our current narrow ‘tribal’ nationalistic thinking.


  2. David Walker says:

    YO Hartmut go f yourself you most likely can’t get off your fat ass to go out and see things for yourself ,you are Pathetic get a life .

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