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Are Superintelligent Robots Secretly Ruling the Universe?

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The uncertainty of us being alone in the Universe grows thiner as more and more candidates for sustaining life are continuously being discovered by NASA’s Kepler Telescope. Many scientists and phylosophers believe that the life form we would encounter first or most, would probably be artificial intelligence with a level of complexity beyond our comprehension,…

Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over the World as We Speak

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The world will be completely changed by Artificial Intelligence later this century. But in what way? This transformation will either occur as a “soft takeoff”, where areas of society will cooperate in response to accumulative AI developments, or as a “hard takeoff” in which a distinct AI project will teach humanity an unpleasant lesson. Because…

5 Ways to Travel Through Time

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Ever wondered how you could travel through time? If so, you’re not alone, as numerous scientists are also preoccupied with this idea, and they even put a few experiments together to prove their theories. 1. Speed This is probably the most pragmatic way to move through time. Einstein’s theory of special relativity shows that whenever…

The Fermi Paradox – Aliens Haven’t Made Contact With Us Yet Because They’re Dead

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Many attempts have been done throughout the years to communicate with extraterrestrial beings residing in the universe, but to no avail. A recent study has proposed that they may all be dead, so we should focus on preserving life on Earth rather than trying to reach them. There’s no doubt about the vastness of the universe…

The Colares Incident: Hostile UFOs Kill Two People, Victimize Dozens

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One of the most intriguing UFO investigation to date happened in northeast Brazil. In November 1977, a military squad commanded by Captain Uyrange Hollanda came to support the Island of Colares, and the residents of a small fishing village from the Amazon delta, in the vicinity of the Atlantic coast. Reports of unidentified flying object…

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