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Mysterious Sound Recorded in Marianas Trench – Whales or Aliens?

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underwater alien

Deep sea researchers have recently recorded a mysterious sound coming from the deepest part of Earth’s oceans. The sounds are so strange, aliens were immediately brought into question. While charting the unexplored waters at the deepest point in the planetary ocean, a group of researchers have unwittingly captured a set of alien-sounding frequencies that science…

Declassified Files: U.S. Senator Describes Two UFOs Following the Train He Was On

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ufo follows train

Official reports describing UFO sightings in such detail are really hard to come by. After being kept secret for over 6 decades, a declassified Air Force intelligence report has become one of the best pieces of evidence towards proving the UFO enigma is not some made-up story. On October 13, 1955, U.S. Senator Richard B.…

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