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Mysterious Object Washes Up on NZ Beach – Monster or Alien Capsule?

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mysterious object on beach

Stumbling upon a mysterious object with a vague, alien appearance doesn’t happen everyday. You can imagine the shock beachgoers felt when they saw this weird thing. People visiting Muriwai Beach, a coastal community in New Zealand’s Auckland Region were amazed to see a mysterious object resembling an alien capsule covered in strange dendrites. The incident…

Alien Expert: We Are Now Sharing Our Planet With a NEW Species of HUMANS

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In an interview with best-selling author Alexis Brooks, an alien researcher reveals her reasons for believing a new species of humans is living among us. Recently, alternative news journalist Alexis Brooks met up with Mary Rodwell, author, ufologist and hypnotherapist. Rodwell is a prominent figure in the research of phenomena related to Star Children, a…

Retired Area 51 Employee Gets Drunk in Vegas and Tells the Truth

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Retired area 51 employee spills beans

After getting crunk in Las Vegas, a retired Area 51 employee makes some startling admissions. How long do you think it’ll be until he ‘mysteriously’ disappears? If you needed any further proof about the shady practices at the world’s most infamous facility where alien technology is developed and tested, you’ve got it. Just listen to…

Rover Snaps Pic of Horned Reptile Skulking on Mars, NASA Reveals Nothing

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horned reptile on mars

Keen-eyed alien hunters have identified a strange creature resembling a horned lizard in a set of photographs sent back by the Curiosity Rover. Always on the lookout for evidence that we’re being deceived, YouTube channel ArtAlienTV brought into our attention the mysterious little creature. While browsing through the photos snapped by Curiosity on Sol 1433,…

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