NASA Puts Earth Up For Adoption, Will Aliens Respond?

Is this a bad idea? In anticipation of Earth Day (April 22) and in an effort to further raise awareness towards climate change, our favorite space agency has put our planet up for adoption. Their initiative has split the Earth into 64,000 pieces and everyone is encouraged to join in on the action and register […]

Navy Commander Reveals Details Of His USO Encounter [VIDEO]

Hear a retired Navy Commander’s official testimony about that time he witnessed a craft coming out of the ocean and flying alongside his plane. On February 10, 1951, Navy pilot and commander Graham Bethune was flying with his crew on a routine mission from Iceland to Newfoundland. On the final leg of their flight, a […]

The Alien-Native American Connection No One Talks About

Deeply spiritual cultures remember a time when “people from the stars” freely interacted with members of the human species. Before intrepid and greedy Europeans ‘discovered’ the Americas, the land was populated by a variety of cultures encompassing millions of souls. Sadly, the near-annihilation of Native Americans has also meant the disappearance of ancient knowledge that […]

Missing Brazilian Man Left Behind 14 Cryptic Books On Aliens, Alchemy And The Occult

In his room: 14 manuscripts, walls covered in encrypted handwriting, alchemical symbols, alien connections and a statue of a 16th century philosopher burned at the stake for claiming the universe is infinite. Now this is something you don’t see everyday. Bruno Borges, the son of local entrepreneur Athos Borges has recently disappeared from his family […]

Who’s Next? Swedish Start-Up Begins Implanting Its Employees

For now, it’s just the willing ones who get the chip, but how long until this becomes the norm? Swedish start-up hub Epicenter incorporates more than 100 companies and over 2,000 employees and in January of 2015, they started implanting microchips. This procedure is completely optional and until now, around 150 workers have opted to […]

Mysterious Signals Are Coming From Outer Space

Scientists have finally confirmed the mysterious energy signals are coming from galaxies far away. Ten years ago, astronomers intercepted a strange signal. Then another. And another. To the present day, around 30 have been detected but scientists suspect hundreds could be happening each day and go on undetected. Known as Fast Radio Bursts, these highly […]

“Illuminati” Eye Over Chelyabinsk Creates Panic In Russia

A mysterious eye appeared in the sky over Chelyabinsk, causing widespread panic and hushed talk about the Illuminati and Project Blue Beam. Early Thursday morning and the residents of the city of Chelyabinsk were awaken to a mysterious sight: the eerie outline of a human eye. Officials were unable to provide a plausible explanation so […]

Ex-Marine Builds Real-Life Iron Man Suit, Watch Him Fly

UK inventor Richard Browning has developed and built an Iron Man suit that really flies. The coolest thing, apart from the fact that it friggin’ flies is its cost: a little under $50,000. That’s not exactly Tony Stark territory, to be honest. Browning, a former Marine and currently an oil trader for BP said it […]

A-Move Over, Pedone! Italians Now Making Sport UFO Vehicles

Che cazzo? If you’re looking for a beautiful, sporty car you can always rely on Italian ones. Their designers are always one step ahead of the competition and it seems their next step will be upwards. In a previous article we told you about Italian mini yacht builder Jet Capsule and their plans to build […]

Astronomers Puzzled By Mini Big Bang Of Unknown Origins

For a few minutes, the cataclysmic explosion produced a thousand times more energy than all the stars in the galaxy combined. The mysterious flash in the X-ray spectrum was spotted by the NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory as it was peeking into the farthest reaches of our universe. Astronomers suspect the bang can be attributed to […]

Unacknowledged Trailer: A Documentary To Expose The Big, Fat, Ugly UFO Lie

The trailer for the upcoming documentary Unacknowledged is out and it’s awesome. The wave of recent movies revolving around extraterrestrials proves the world is interested in this subject like never before, but when it comes to aliens and UFOs, the hidden reality is far stranger than anything Hollywood producers can come up with. Scheduled for […]

Lost Probe Images Show Tunnels And Huge Caves on The Moon’s Dark Side

A giant network of tunnels and caves on the dark side of the Moon could be home to sneaky aliens keeping an eye on us. For decades, the dark side of the Moon has been filling our imaginations with all sorts of crazy ideas. The Moon’s right there, we can see it on most nights […]

Remarkable NASA Footage Shows A Strange Meeting In Earth’s Orbit

A couple of days ago, the ISS camera unwillingly gave out a strange meeting between two bizarre objects that took place above our heads. The video was uploaded to YouTube by keen-eyed watcher Streetcap1 and it immediately attracted the attention of UFO enthusiasts. The 7 minute video shows two golden, metallic objects slowly approaching each […]

The Roswell Rock: A Message From Outer Space Or An Alien Key?

An enigmatic object discovered not far from one of the Roswell crash sites is said to posses some weird properties. Is it some kind of message or an alien key? In 2004, Robert L. Ridge, the 56 year old owner of a body shop in Roswell, New Mexico went out bow hunting. Little did he […]

Orbiter Photographs Spherical Object On The Martian Surface

An intriguing object on the martian surface has been identified in photos sent back by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is a $720 million spacecraft that left Earth in August 2005 and entered Mars’ orbit on March 10 the following year. In the 11+ years it’s been in service, the MRO […]

[VIRAL] Video Allegedly Shows Black Knight Satellite Destroyed By The Illuminati

Conspiracy theorists are claiming the infamous alien satellite was recently shot down by the equally-infamous Illuminati. But things aren’t always what they seem. The video evidence uploaded to YouTube makes a bold claim: the age-old Illuminati, also known as the Enlightened Ones have managed to bring down the Black Knight Satellite, an alien device that […]

The World Is Plagued By Numerous Reports Of Shapeshifting UFOs

A bizarre shapeshifting UFO has become a sensation in many parts of the world by offering eyewitnesses a unique spectacle. Over the past month, thousands of people were stunned by a dazzling display of color and movement offered by what can be described as a shapeshifting UFO. We cannot determine for sure whether the sightings […]

Photographer Snaps Pic Of Orb UFO Trailing B2 Bomber Formation

While out looking for things to snap the shutter at, a Colorado photographer accidentally caught evidence of UFO activity above his head. The photo shows a metallic orb UFO hot on the trail of a B2 Bomber flying in formation but that only became apparent when the photographer was later examining the images on his […]

What type of Alien are you – Take The Quiz!

There’s an alien living inside all of us. Find out which one’s yours! Whether we like it or not, aliens now play a big part in our society. Once the subject of fringe theories and crazy folk, extraterrestrials have permeated most aspects of human culture, from science to art and everywhere in between. Since believing […]