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Detroit Disclosure Conference 2.0 on Nov. 21

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Doors: 1:30 P.M.
Event 2:00 P.M -10 P.M.

Join us Sunday November 21st, 2021 from 2-10pm for the second annual Detroit Disclosure Conference 2.0. It will feature guest speakers in person and through video conferencing.

Doors Open 1:30pm.Event begins at 2:00pm. Come early to get a seat and meet the vendors and speakers, as well as each other! We are all here to reconnect during these divisive times.

Tony Rodrigues: 2pm-3pm

At the first Disclosure Conference in 2019, Tony Rodrigues shared his account of his 20 and back experience in the Secret Space Program. This time Tony is here to sit and discuss with us a range of topics. He will touch on current events, the CIA involvement in various governmental agencies, space station updates, recent missile firings, election tampering, and black programs in secret warfare.

Leo Zagami: 3pm-4pm [Livefeed]

Leo is a whistleblower of the Illuminati and the New World Order. Born and raised in Italy with Sicilian heritage, Leo has been apart of and has exposed the secretive world of Vatican Freemasonry. He has written many books that shine the light on the lower realms of this not-so-holy place and its worldwide agenda. Exiled from Italy for his damning revelations, he is embraced by America where his truth can be told. Now, Leo Zagami illustrates that humanity is undergoing a transformation into the Metaverse, which he concludes will ultimately imprison us, reducing our divine spark, forcing us to obey what is being birthed as an elusive Cyber Satan under the disguise of Artificial Intelligence. The Illuminati and the Vatican are also deeply involved with Transhumanism. Leo is going to share what that means for us, and what we can do to retain our essence and humanity in the quickening of the cyber takeover of our minds.

Colin Nugent: 4pm-5pm

Economist and philosopher, Colin Nugent, will explain why it is important for you to understand how information about you is collected and processed. He believes we are in an informational warfare, which has some parallels to kinetic warfare. Passive and active deceptions are strategies used, but only recently have the informational technologies been available to perfect those strategies using metadata.

The Great Life Swindle w/ James & Jimi: 5pm-6pm

James and Jimi will enlighten you on some of the ways to know you are a sovereign man or woman. They will dive deep into the fraud since your birth (berth) & your parents signing over their children, unknowingly (property) to the corporation of the United States or other Nationalized Corporation? They will go into Law vs Legal and how the corporation is set up to keep you enslaved to them. James will also tell us about the situation he is having right now by using LAW v Legal as a Man in the Corporate court over not wearing a mask at a store during Covid. Due to not wearing a mask. James was tased. arrested, jailed, tortured and left in solitary confinement during a 9 day period in 2020. �

Laura Eisenhower: 6pm-7pm [Livefeed]

Laura Eisenhower has a depth and breadth of knowledge that will leave you captivated for hours. The Great Granddaughter of a well-known United States President, Laura maintains a legacy of political awareness bridged with a nuanced approach to spirituality as it applies to today’s unfolding of events. An acclaimed astrologer and galactic historian, Laura relates Cosmic and Natural Laws with their incongruence of what’s happening here on Earth amidst an alternate agenda. She will go into what has unfolded in 2020, and what we can do to remain aware and ascending in our current dense reality.

Hot Conversations that will land you in FB jail! 7pm-8pm

Our speakers and special guest panelists will be discussing a vast array of topics from Covid, the Propaganda Media, FB Censorship, Voter Fraud, QAnon and other hot conversations. You won’t want to miss this!


Networking, Questions and Dance Party

Host: Emily Infinity

Emily Infinity has attended a number of disclosure-related conferences around the US that aim to expose the truth by bringing authors and researchers together to adhere to data and statistics that challenge the status quo/MSM/CIA agenda, and subsequently founded the Detroit Disclosure Conference in 2019. Skipping 2020, she hopes that this event continues. While the first conference was focused more on space and UFO-related themes, this year we are diving into current events and the use of internet in the NWO agenda.

MC: Miles West

Detroit Disclosure Conference 2.0 will also have booths, food and plenty of drinks. Come out and enjoy a day and night of interesting topics and bringing awareness to you of what is really going on.


Tangent Art Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit Michigan


$10.00 Donation at the door

Select merchandise will be available for sale.

Monster Foods will be serving up the food and snax.

Vendor booth space still available. For this or any other questions or comments regarding the conference, please email: