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There are so many UFO stories right now that it is honestly hard to keep up. So make sure you are following the UFOholics facebook page for regular updates. You’ll be glad you did! Many of the UFO sightings are finally reaching mainstream media. That’s probably because there are many figures such as celebrities, politicians and more who have now come forward and spoken up about UFO’s. Here’s a list of 10 big names who have spoken up on UFOs. Many of these stories has been captured by mainstream media outlets as the UFO phenomenon continues to grow.

In fact, even the NY times recently published an article sharing three movies that were supplied by the Pentagon of US Navy UFO Sightings, movies in which UFO’s executed moves that man-made technology is really not capable of. This has defied our understanding of physics and aerodynamics.

In one of these three encounters, an object (UFO) fell from 60,000 feet high right down to sea level and then began to hover immediately, and all of this happening in less than a second. This same device (identical) would then transfer to other areas simultaneously and then materialize in other areas, what seemed to be remote time travel, an instant transfer of the ship. All this while allegedly predicting the Navy Pilot’s future position!

The New York Times also published a report entitled ‘off world cars’ being recovered. Many similar and related encounters have been published as the paperwork has become declassified over the the last twenty years. Only one event from the Navy has received significant mainstream publicity in that time.

Another factor that plays itself out time and time again is that failure of electrical instruments, especially the vital ones on military planes. How is that possible? One recurring event is the inability to fire their armament or air radar, causing these instruments to go crazy.

So What Exactly Happened?

For the past few years without us knowing the United States Department of Defense was working on a secret mission with their “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force” otherwise known as UAPTF. They have been keeping those who need to be abreast on the information informed. They have been briefing lawmakers, Intelligence community stakeholders (I wonder who they are?), as well as the highest levels of The US military informed on encounters that defy regular aerial expectations.

Christopher Mellon, the Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Intelligence tweeted out about a possible leak which brought it to our attention. It came with several photographs as well as video footage for the Navy troops.

The Images Were Taken in an F18 By A Navy Pilot

The Debrief States..

The Pentagon has acknowledged that US Navy Troops recorded multiple leaked photographs and a video exhibiting unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, involving instances presently under investigation by the Department of Defense’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. Susan Gough, a Pentagon spokesperson informed the debrief in an email.”

Susan Gough, the founder of the Black Vault, which is a well known Government website did end up verifying the tapes in her statement. There was also an interview with former CIA director James Woolsey.

Pictures Obtained From the F18 Pilot in Sky Of The UFO

On April 6, 2021 these photos were leaked. KLAS investigative journalist George Knapp released the first photo, now known as “Acorn” as well as two other new photos indicating unidentified flying objects. The other two photos were coined “the metallic blimp” and “spherical” were named by Knapp. These were said to be obtained within 30 minutes of each other on the same day.

The second image seems to be clear and transparent as well as spherical. Take a look for yourself:

Now, the next photo you’re about to see was shot by two Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots on August 26th, 1956.

The pilots were flying four different F86 Sabre Planes in jet formation when they stumbled on this. One of the pilots reported this sighting as “Bright light that was strongly defined as disk shaped. Like a shiny silver dollar sitting horizontal.” While yet another pilot was able to photograph the picture shown above.

Although these images could mean nothing to many people it’s up to the eye of the beholder in each scenario. At the very least they can broaden your horizons and perspective a bit.

Yet another image, thanks to Norman Bergrun, who was a scientist and engineer involved with NASA’s voyager program. In his career he spent multiple decades at the Ames research center. He also spent time working at Lockheed Martin, where he was in charge of Polaris missile testing. Not a job for the faint of heart. The image below was taken during the voyager mission in 1980. The aim of that mission being to photograph Saturn, it’s rings and moons.

The question then becomes “What is this image of?” and it’s clear to see that it appears to be a luminous source. Bergruns book describes the ringmakers of Saturn. Bergrun shares that there are a large number of huge vessels proliferating in the vicinity of Saturn and its moons. His book also goes into a lot more depth on the subject. He believes that extraterrestrial vessels even at this scale are a foregone conclusion.

But the question then becomes why is this important?

Recordings and images that are locked away appear to be real. These are simply apart of the black budget realm with which we are unfamiliar, even though NASA’s yearly is $24 Billion. That’s $2 billion each month. What does this money do for humanity? Have you ever asked yourself that? How do we directly benefit?

Even simply video footage and photographs are hidden from the public. Just as one example a document retrieved by the CIA’s electronic reading room explains the UFO phenomena conducted by Chinese and Russian academics and it was published more than a decade ago!

It reads:

Scientists from the people’s Republic of China and the Soviet far east have initiated a collaborative investigation into UFO’s.

The first congress of UFOlogists from both nations has concluded in the little coastal town of Dalnegorsk. The Soviet and Chinese Anomalous phenomena specialists have devised a program for studying previously known instances, as well as sharing of direct photographic and video materials on new comparable phenomena.

The public will probably never know what has been found from these ‘official sources’ but we will get a ‘sanitized’ version of disclosure that drip feeds to us.

Just keep in mind that the mainstream media has been the one’s managing the perception you have on UFO’s and other topics like these.

This is why we do what we do, to give another perspective and to bring you fresh stories to decide for yourself.

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